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    B/l Renal Concretions. Minor Kidney pain

    Suffering from Renal Concretion and kidney pain? Just check out here to seek advice from our experts.

    For the last 2 months I have been suffering from back pain and I recently checked with Ultrasound Lab and the Sonologist told me that there wasa problem of b/l Renal Concretions. How can I get rid of that problem? Also tell me that is there any complications about that disease.?
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    B/l Renal Concretions - put in simpler words - are kidney stones.
    Minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and a few others are not getting filtered in a proper manner. Thus they get accumulated and eventually deposited in the Kidney(s). These depositions are known as Concretions. B/l stands for Bilateral, meaning on both sides - in our concern - in both kidneys.
    Such depositions usually turn into stones. These stones if become bigger in size (more than 10 mm) the chances of them getting logged in the urine tract is high and can block normal flow of urine.

    Take the following measures to start getting better.
    1. Drink good quantity of fluids. Fluids include water, tea, coffee, soups, juices and alcoholic drinks.
    2. Do not focus on drinking beer as is the general saying by people. Beer causes lot of water to be passed through the urine tract. But can lead to dehydration and thus causing other problems.
    3. Learn certain techniques from a Yoga practitioner which help to push the stone and eventually out of the urine tract.
    4. Consult your physician/family doctor. They will start medication and treatment for the same.
    5. If it is okay for you then you may look into making use of Homeopathy medicines, through a certified Homeopath.

    Complications may include blockage of urine passage and swelling of the kidneys. But this happens at a very later stage and you do not have to worry about it right now.

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