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    Which are the good tourism places in india?

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    Which are the best tourist places to visit in the India ?
    1.Which are the places in India are green good for tourism?
    2.What are the different locations in that area?
    3.What is the travelling cost for that?
    4.Which are the best hotels in that place?
    Can you provide the details about that locality.
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    One such place in India is Matheran hill station. It is located in Karjat town in Raigad district of Maharashtra.

    The nearest railway station is Neral which is accessible from Mumbai by local train. There is a hill toy train which goes daily 2-3 times from Neral to Matheran and back to Neral. The journey in this train is really very thrilling and enjoyable. One can reserve seats through IRCTC site. Current reservation is also available at Neral train station ticket counter.

    Matheran is an eco friendly tourist destination and is a unique place and as per Govt notification no vehicles are allowed in Matheran town. You have to park your vehicle well before the town in a earmarked place and go from their to the town either on foot or on horse.

    In the green Matheran town your only source of transport is horses or your own feet.

    There are about 100-150 hotels there ranging from budget to luxury. The minimum hotel charges are around Rs 1000 per day but you can bargain depending upon the tourist rush there.

    There are a dozen sight seeing places around Matheran and a stay of 3-4 days is sufficient to cover the same.

    It is a hill station at a height of around 800 m only. The natural beauty is very attractive and you can explore the many beautiful locales yourself.

    Best time to visit is after rains before winter. For adventurous people rainy season is also good. Winter is also very pleasant time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There are many green good places in India to visit. But the one place which comes to my mind immediately after seeing you question is East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. This district is the rice bowl of this state. Through out the district we will find paddy fields, cane sugar fields, coconut gardens. It is a viewers paradise. Konaseema a part of this district is a very nice area covered with lot of paddy fields, coconut gardens, mango gardens and cane sugar fields. The whole area is having very well laid roads with canals on both the sides of the roads. Paddy fields and coconut trees between the lake and the field. What a scenario. A viewers delight. When you travel here you feel you are in green. No pollution. One should not miss it.

    Kakinada, a smart city, is the capital city of this district. Another city is Rajahmundry recently renamed as Rajamahendravaram. Both the cities are having good hotels at reasonable prices to stay in. Very good restaurants which offer very tasty food. Kakinada is very well connected by road and trains. Rajahmundry is well connected by road,trains and flights. All the areas of this district can be reached from these places by road in a reasonable time.

    Kakinada beach, Uppada beach Hope Island and Bhavanarayana Swamy temple are important places in Kakinada. Hope Island can be reached by boat on sea from Kakinada. A delightful experience. Papikondalu , Sarangadgarametta, and cotton barrage are very important places to see in Rajahmundry. Papikondalu you have to reach by a boat. An awesome journey on Godavari river. Many Islands are seen on the way.

    There are many piligrim centres in this district. Annavaram, Antarvedi, Ainavalli, Ryali, Vadapalli, Vanapalli, korukonda, Pithapuram, Bikkavolu, Samalkot , Gollalamamidada and Drakshramam are some of the places. You can reach all these places by road from Kakinada or Rajahmundry. Basing on the interest they can plan visiting these places. Taxis are available for all these places. APSRTC organises conducted tour to some of these places. Kadiyam is a place you find many nurseries . If you are in this place you feel green is at your feet. A beautiful place.

    If you visit these places, don't miss, meals at Subbaiah's hotel, Kotiah Kaja in Kakinada. Coconut water at Konaseema, Tapeswaram Kaja and Palakova sweet at Rajahmundry.

    If you plan a trip of 7 days you can complete the tour.
    Coming to the expenses part once you reach this place the prices are reasonable and affordable by a middle class family once in a year.

    I hope I have answered your points. All the best to you

    always confident

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    There are alot of tourism places in india.
    There are different tourism places in the different districts.
    3.Madhya pradesh
    5.Tamil Nadu
    I hope this may give you the sufficient information.

    Reguards -

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    If the author is looking for green area tourism then I would suggest him to go to Tirumala. Tirumala is not only the place for pilgrimage, but also it is the nature appreciation spot. Lots of greenery, ecological importance, mountains, animals , flora and fauna and natural water falls. All these are available on the Tirumala hills. Normally the people have darshan of Lord Balaji and rush back to Tirupathi for further tours. But very less people visit the dam area, Papanasam and other places on the hills which are full of greenery and force you to stay for many days. I am sure one try must be made to see and believe.
    K Mohan
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