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    How can I make the flowchart as done in this article?

    I was going through various articles today. I have come across a brilliant article, the link of which is given below:-

    Beginners Guide to Mutual Funds

    In this article, the author has provided a beautiful and useful flowchart depicting mutual fund process flow.

    I would like to know the necessary html command to prepare such flowchart. As I have barest minimum knowledge of computer and computer commands, I expect detailed and elaborate guidance from knowledgable Members.
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    This looks like an image. Why don't you post it as a comment in that article, so that the author herself can explain.
    Anyway, thanks for bringing up such good article, this is a good one to read.

    Sri Vetri
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    Microsoft Visio and Pencil are two programs that can create some good flow chart for you. There are also SmartDraw which has more options for you. I have used Dia for most flowcharts we create in the office. If you are looking for free programs then - Dia, Pencil and Graffy are three options. If you are looking for paid programs then you have Visio, smartdraw and Coreldraw. That can make some good flowcharts for you. All of the programs mentioned in this answer are easy to learn and takes few minutes for you to quickly create a flowchart.

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    Partha, that article has images. In paint ( If you have windows operating system just search for MS PAINT) you can add textbox inside geometric shapes and diagrams. Alternately you can use third part art softwares which allows enhanced features like artweaver,,gimp etc.
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