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    SMPS of computer

    Hi Friends,

    What is the use of SMPS in the computer? My system is not working right now? Computer engineer told me There is some problem with the SMPS? How the SMPS will get destroy?

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    A switched-mode power supply( SMPS) is an electronic power supply unit that incorporates a switching regulator in order to provide the required dc output voltage. This is the main power supplying unit, that gives power to your hard disk, mother board etc. This is get destroyed due to aging, as it gets older the inner components of smps wont give proper output. And in case of low voltage problem also smps will get affected.


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    S M P S refers to the power supply of your computer it regulates the current supply from good circuit to the computer peripherals by dividing the power through a number of wires with adequate voltage . Simply saying it is the power source for your computer parts as fai part has different power power needs . There are varius reasons that can result in the malfunctioning of power supply main one being higher power from home circuit .overloading might also result in malfunctioning . He you have a basic P C without any extra peripherals like external video card you can easily make do with a 250 watt power supply which should cost you about Rs 400 if you are looking to upgrade dont look at anything less then 400 watt.

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    Hi Buddy,

    SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) is an electrical equipment which converts general AC input to various DC modes as the power requirement of components of computer. The system will not start if they is any problem with SMPS as it could not provide adequate current to run system smoothly.

    SMPS can be damaged by high voltage input, short circuit caused by lightening or by age old components. Sometimes small reptiles like lizard can insert into it through outer vent hole. So when you switch on the system they cause short circuit inside it damaging the unit. So always use a UPS with spike protection in your system and cover the the CPU when not in use. Though a defective SMPS can be repaired, but it is always advised to go for new one with higher wattage which will cost you around Rs. 500/- to rs. 750/-.




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    What is the use of SMPS in the computer?

    SMPS stands for Switch Mode Power Supply Which provides power supply to your System components like motherboard, Hard disk, DVD Drive, Processor etc.. These components requires various voltages like 3V, 5V, 12V respectively which are provided by SMPS.

    My system is not working right now?

    Can you Explain more about what happened to your system whether it is completely dead or any other problem.

    How the SMPS will get destroy?

    SMPS may be damaged because of power fluctuation or short circuit.

    Regards,Ranganathan Gold member of ISC

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    Dear Balaji,

    SMPS stand for Switched Mode Power Supply. Its basic function is to rectify the external Ac(Alternating Current) supply to DC(Direct Current) so that it can be distributed among the different parts like motherboard, harddisk, Disk Drives etc as almost all these peripherals are generally 9V, 12v, 15v or just nearby. It clearly means that if your SMPS is not working then you cant even switch on your computer.

    Now talking about the problem with SMPS, it can be because of voltage fluctuations in the power supply, short-circuit, some physical defect or any other reason.

    I will suggest you to first check its manufacturer's warranty. If your SMPS is in warranty period then you can get it replaced easily. If not, then rather than repairing it I will suggest you to buy a new one with higher voltage capacity and long warranty period.

    Hope for the best.


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