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    Why flower bouquets are presented during VIP visits and other occasions?

    Have a query about VIPS given bouquets? Searching for the reasons for this presentation? Find suggestions from experts here.

    For me, it is an uncleared doubt for a long time about the presentation of flower bouquets during VIP visits and other occasions. How this custom has originated and what could be the logic behind it? A quite common scene in every movie that the hero successfully presents a rose bud in token of expressing his love while the 'villain' gets angry when his flower is torn to pieces.

    Does the presentation of a bouquet symbolise a warm welcome to a VIP?
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    Flowers are beautiful and they give very good fragrance. We use flowers for worshipping the GOD. The flowers are treated as very pious and good symbol of love and harmony. It is a practice for newly married husband everyday to bring some flowers to his wife while coming from office. This is to show his love and affection towards his wife. Ladies like flowers very much and they will be very happy to have these flowers brought by her husband in her hair.

    Similarly we want to express our respect and devotion to GOD we take flowers to temple and also use in our house for morning Puja in the house.

    By the above what I confer is flowers are indication of respect,, harmony and affection. So when a VIP arrives for a function or a visit we offer him a good garland of flowers or a bouquet of beautiful flowers to tell him symbolically the interest we got in him. Also to express our respect towards him. It will also an indication of harmony.
    In some marriages two or three girls will stand at the entrance and give beautiful roses to all the incoming guests to express their happiness on our visit and show their love towards us.

    always confident

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    Flowers are traditionally being used in many countries and societies for decoration, worshipping God and honouring important and high ranking people.

    Today also we are using them for honouring the celebrities, VIPs or other high ranking persons.

    This tradition is embedded in our culture and in any felicitation function or ceremony we are inclined to use the fragnanceful products of the nature available to us in form of flowers.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Flower is a symbol of love and happiness. It has good odour. When we will see a colourful flowers our mind will be relaxed. Worshipping God and honourable person we use flower to show our respect and love. Like this, During VIP visit we present flower bouquet.

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    Flowers are used for welcoming VIPs to any place or occasion. Actually flowers are full with fragrance and color which makes us happy. Even if they can change our mood also. So, when we want to greet any body then flower bouquets are given to them. Basically it shows our love and affection to the person whom the flower was given.

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