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    Which mobile app should I use to upload videos on Youtube

    Interested in uploading videos on youtube? Looking out for the procedure to do so? Check out this page and answer your queries on this Ask Expert page.

    I want to upload videos on Youtube for different education topics of science and mathematics. I want to know which app should I use to upload video on Youtube. Should I edit the video before upload? Which app should I use to edit?
    Can you give detailed set of steps to upload a video on Youtube?
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    My suggestion is as follows.

    1. Avoid taking videos using phone, especially the vertical or portrait mode. You should hold the mobile horizontal landscape mode and take videos. This way YouTube videos won't have black bars on both sides.

    2. Instead of uploading from the mobile itself, do some editing. For adding captions and the pointers in the video.

    3. You can make use of the Camtasia studio editor which can add some good options into the video and it can export to the MP4 format. You can also use Vegas Video but it'd be expensive. So I'd recommend the going with camtasia.

    4. You can use creator studio app or Youtube app itself for uploading from mobile. But not recommended unless you're editing. Because phone increases the raw footage video format size.

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