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    How to open a tailoring shop

    Interested in opening a tailoring shop? Looking out for guidance about how to start this business? On this page, you can get ample guidance and set up your own tailoring shop.

    I would like to seek advice on opening a tailoring shop.
    One of my friends is currently working as a Fashion Consultant in a Branded Store.
    She has over six years of experience in that field. She has also learnt sewing and stitching at home when she gets time.
    Now she wants to open a tailoring shop by taking a rented shop in Mangalore. Since her house is too small she cannot make the business from home.
    Can you advice regarding what are the things to consider while opening a tailoring shop?
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    Tailoring shop is a commercial establishment and for opening this you have to take permission from local municipal board or empowered authority in local collectorate. Most of the places it is municipal board.

    While applying for permission you have to give details of the premises where you want to start this activity and whether it is an owned or rented shop. If rented the agreement with owner is to be shown. The source of money for running the activity whether you are doing it from your funds or loan from bank. Whether you are employing some helpers or workers for the same then their working hours, holiday etc are to be mentioned. If any safety aspect is there it is to be mentioned.

    This is a formal approval and you can start your shop and take approval within 20 days of your inauguration.

    You have to do registration for GST also so that when you charge them tax you can deposit the same in Govt account. Presently for tailoring services GST rate is 18%

    GST depends on turnover of the tailoring shop also. If turnover is less than 20 lakh per year you need not to register for GST.

    Knowledge is power.

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    1. Make up your mind where you want to open the shop. Ensure that commercial activity is permitted in that place.
    2. Find and arrange a shop room for your tailoring shop.
    3.Enter into a rent agreement. Get specific no-objection from the owner for your conducting a tailoring shop in that room. Ensure about the facilities like electricity etc.Ensure that all, the statutory dues are paid uptodate for the shop room.
    4.Apply for a shop licence for tailoring shop in the local municipality.
    5.Arrange for the machinery and other interior arrangements.
    6.Invite and get support of the neighbours and local celebrities and ward member etc.
    7. Give needed publicity by notice or word of mouth and personal invitation.
    8. Start on an auspicious day(if yu have such faith) or a convenient date and day.
    9. Be punctual on promise. Deliver as promised. Get faith and loyalty of clients.
    10.Review and expand as per need.

    Best wishes.

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    Thank you very much. Its really helpful.

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    1. Identify a place where you want to start your establishment. The place is your own there is no problem. If you are taking a place on rent, inform the owner about your plan and take his acceptance in writing. I advise you to take the place under an agreement for at least 3 to 4 years, Otherwise as your business picks up the owner may feel jealous and ask you to vacate. So this agreement is very important.
    Get the approval for starting the same from municipal authorities and register under SSI or as a shop under shops and establishment act.
    You can avail loan from banks and purchase the required number of sewing machines and other appliances required. Get a local big man and get it inaugurated.
    Take GST registration and do follow the rules and pay taxes as required.
    All the best to you.

    always confident

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    Here's the short steps that you'd need for opening tailor shop.

    You don't need to register for GST if your business has low turn over. Not many tailors hops have upgraded to GST as of yet. Many tailor shops have earning less than 3L collectively a year. So that would not justify the GST per month to be paid. So ask accountant in case if you have higher turn over.

    1. Find a place for the tailor-shop to establish.
    2. Get a shop act license.
    3. Either proprietorship or the Pvt ltd would work out.
    4. Get referral level customers for the regular clients.
    5. Make sure you add some proper pricing to cover out your monthly expenses.
    6. Make sure to also do other activities that support business. For example, selling ready made designs if possible.

    These are some of the ways you can manage the tailor shop initially. Start small and expand as you earn. Don't invest too much fast in your business.

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