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    Can judge accept application for preponment of case

    Want to know rules for court case preponment? Looking out for the details off how to do so? On this page you can check out advice from experts in response to your query.

    I have a writ application in Punjab and Haryana Court which is against the Punjab State. My case is on recruitment of intelligence constable in Punjab police. My last hearing was on 7th July 2017 but my case was not heard. The judge has given the next date of 4th December 2017. Can I file an application for preponment of hearing? Can the judge accept this hearing application?
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    As per the Indian legal procedure one can very well file an application for preponement of the case.

    You have to take the help of your lawyer for the same. In the application you have to mention the reasons why you want it early so that a favorable decision is obtained.

    During the hearing for preponement the other side can put some obstacles by showing their clients unavailability or other preoccupation just to let the judge not agree for preponement as lingering of case may be advantageous to opposite party.

    So if opposite party agrees for preponement which is generally the case, judge can grant it based on your reasoning.

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    Yes you can ask for preponement of your case. Generally you will be hiring a lawyer for all the legal matters. Through him you have to file a request giving the various reasons which are justifiable for preponement. Then the judge will go through your writ petition and if he feels that the reasons given by you are valid and stand good for preponement may ask the opponent in the case about your request. If he has no objection the court may accept you request and will suggest an alternative date.
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    The person who has started the case is called complainant and he can during the course of case anytime ask for postponement of it citing certain reasons. If judge is convinced he will call the opposite party and after taking their response in the matter, allow for preponement and give a date as per the availability and court convenience.

    Generally if reasons cited are convincing the application for preponement is agreed.

    The complainant is free to even give an application for closure of the case at any time. So it is a dynamic process.

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    Yes, application of preponement can be filed. Generally preponement applications are very rare but not unheard of. First you have to convince your lawyer (generally lawyersdon't like to file preponement applications). Thereafter you have to file application with proper and relevant grounds.
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