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    How to increase weight?

    Interested desperately in increasing weight? Looking out for alternative remedies to do so? On this Ask Expert page, you can check out advice and resolve your query.

    Is Amway Nutrilite helpful to grow my weight?
    Because I'm underweight. If yes then how should I have to take this?
    I need it because my age is 23+ but I am suffering from underweight problem. Someone suggested me about this product. But literally I'm very confused about it regarding whether it is helpful for me or not?
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    The following are my suggestions for gaining weight.
    1.Take Creatine as powder, capsule or mixing in a milk shake. First prepare the milk shake and then add creatine powder.
    2. Eat minimum six times a day. Morning breakfast, afternoon lunch and night dinner. These three will be heavy. Use a biggerplate so that you can eat more unknowingly. One hour before breakfast take a glass of coffee and if you like you can add some cream to coffee. After breakfast and before lunch you drink a glass full of milk. After lunch and before dinner have some snacks
    3, Take fruit juice along with snacks.
    4. Add a little ghee or oil in your lunch and dinner
    5. sleep well.
    6.Eat pulses, cereals, rice, bread and other carbohydrates in lunch and dinner
    7. There are some exercises which will help you to improve your muscles. Try those exercises.
    8. Don't take water before your diet. Take water only after completing your eating each time.

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    I have also heard that Amway Nutralite is good for health, but I don't know whether it is actually helpful to gain weight.
    However. I am giving link of one of my articles exactly on the same subject. The article has not yet been reviewed, but I sincerely feel that it would serve your present purpose.
    The link: Best ways to gain weight naturally

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    There are suggestions to gain weight here. You can check them beside the answers given in your (this) thread.

    You can slightly use fat items to consume to increase the weight and it is not necessary to make its habit after certain weight increased. Some people looking forward to reduce their weight and some wanted to increase it based on an individual requirement.

    However, there are many veg items that can make you fat or increase weight, and even there are many non-veg items that can increase weight too. It is always better to use natural items to increase weight or decrease weight than artificial flavors unless it is urgent to supplement for the health requirement.

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    First of all make sure that you are underweight. You may consult your doctor and ask him whether you are normal weight or slightly less, but within permissible range or really underweight. Then get his suggestion to increase weight to the needed normal level, if needed.

    Naturally also you are bound to put on weight gradually. So unless you are much below the normal average weight-height-age relativity, any crash action to increase weight may lead to counter productive results. If your parents and grandparents are by nature underweight, then that hereditary trait can be seen in you also. Just underweight may not mean that you are unhealthy.

    Weight can be increased by consuming more proteinous foods. Carbohydrate consumption also can lead to weight increase. It is better to avoid supplements (like the one mentioned in the question). It is suggested to take home made foods with more protein and carbohydrates. Then, monitoring the rate of increase you may adjust the quantum consumed. However please bear in mind that you should also engage in physical activity, to avoid unnecessary fat accumulation.

    You may add more proteinous foods like pulses, beans,and the non-vegetarian equivalents to your food intakes. If feeling hungry taking tasty snacks between meals can be useful to increase weight. But please be cautious, because overweight is more problematic and difficult to remedy than being slightly underweight.

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    If you want to increase your weight then you have to increase the intake of carbohydrate items in your diet. Some of the items which are good sources of carbohydrate are rice, cream, potato, banana, oily items etc.
    Taking good amount of carbohydrate does not mean that you have to ignore the other important foods sources of protein and minerals. These are wheat items, pulses, green items, salad etc.
    To increase the total intake of food in a day you may have to take multiple meals at regular intervals.
    Continue doing light exercises.
    A good sleep is also essential for good metabolism of the body.

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    Yes, Amway Nutrilite will certainly help you gain weight. You can also take good food to gain weight. Make your diet rich in carbohydrates, fats and protein which will help you to gain weight. Take one glass of milk daily if you are non vegetarian then i will suggest you to take an egg daily. One more thing to gain weight is to take two teaspoon of honey with cold water twice a day will certainly help you.
    Endura mass is also a product to use in gaining weight. This article will help you to know detail about Endura Mass .

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    Try the following tips to gain weight. Tips are as follows -
    1) Ensure that your digestion - system is functioning at the peak level so the nutrients in the food is absorbed fully and the the same is translated to energy and right amount of accumulation of fat.
    2) Consume a little amount of Ghee and Butter in your breakfast and meal. You may add ghee in your prepared pulse or use butter liberally in your toast.
    3) You may frequently indulge in Fruit- juice such as Apple - juice, Orange - juice, Lime - juice etc. Presence of sugar in the juice will enable you to gain weight.
    4) Use of Dry - fruits especially Kaju will help you fast in gaining your weight. You may take approximately 25 GMs of kaju along with your breakfast.
    5) You may use Banana followed with milk in your breakfast.
    6) Take sound sleep in night for at least eight hours.
    7) You may take Aswagandha - powder along with milk to the extent of of one teaspoon and the same should be stirred in the milk fully. A regular consumption of the same for two months will yield positive result.

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    If you are interested in increasing your weight you have to increase the amount of carbohydrates in your diet considerably. These are easily available in various foods like rice, potato, creamy milk, sweets, sweet fruits etc. In addition to this the normal amount of protein, fats and other items like milk and fruits are to be taken regularly.

    Now coming to the side of life style. One has to be careful that he should not be doing lot of exercises as this will prevent body to gain weight. However little amount of regular walking will be sufficient to keep the body in good shape.

    Today there are many formulations especially of protein in the market for quick weight gain program but one must be careful taking them as the large quantity of those may not be conducive to good health. One can go for the medical advice also in this matter.

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    Best natural way to gain weight is to have banana shake daily in the morning. The basic advantage of this combination is that you get calcium and banana is considered good for increasing weight.
    . Exercise and then you will feel hungry and eat.
    . Don't skip your breakfast. This should be the most heavy diet.
    . Eat eggs daily.
    . Have peanut butter.

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