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    What is the best diet for kidney patients?

    Ever wondered why kidneys fail? Searching for the details of the best diet for kidney patients? On this page, find resolution to yuor queries.

    What is the best diet for kidney patients? It must not be harmful but healthy to make our kidney strong and to avoid future kidney failure issues.

    I know alcohol is main enemy for kidney problem and second is oil What can be the other reason of kidney failure?
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    Generally high calcium content and high protein foods are to be avoided in kidney problems.

    There are some foods which are good for people having kidney ailments.

    Garlic, Apples, Red cherries, Cabbage, Red bell peppers, Onion, Cauliflower, Egg white, Fish, Ginger, Walnut, Strawberries etc are some food items which are recommended for the people having kidney problems.

    For healthy people who want to keep their kidneys healthy there are certain recommendations made by doctors and dieticians for avoiding some food items.
    These food items or ingredients are Meat, Salt, Carbonated beverages, Artificial sweeteners, GMO seeds ( genetically modified seeds for high crop yield), Caffeine etc.

    Kidneys are the workhouse of our body through which a significant amount of blood is circulated continuously to remove the impurities from it. Taking proper food for kidneys and avoiding bad foods as detailed above is required to keep kidneys functioning in an efficient manner.

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    Kidneys are very important for a human being to have a healthy life. They do the cleaning of blood and remove impurities from the body.
    First point to be observed is to take sufficient quantity of water.
    Second is to have less food at one time but more number of times to eat.
    It is advisable to consume starch products(carbohydrates).
    Liquid nutritious food like horlicks at least once a day.
    Cool Cucumber soup, red bell peppers,garlic, onions, apples, blueberries,cabbage, cauliflower and vegetable salads are good for Kidney patients as well as for maintaining healthy kidneys.
    Tomatoes are not to be consumed by kidney patents and no artificial drinks like coke etc.
    No sugar less tablets for sweet taste. They are not good for kidneys.

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    There are three specific types of the stones depending on the type of the mineral affecting kidney. So based on those three types you'd find the diet varying. Two most dominant type of stones being calcium and oxalate stones.You can also get the diet specific to your stone type. So if you have got stone removed and doctors have diagnosed the stone, then you can surely make sure to

    Here's something you need to avoid. Spinach, Cabbage, Paneer, Goat Meat, Beef etc. And you need to also control on the milk products. Make sure to also avoid the junk food. That also contribute to the stone formation. Coffee, tea and beer are three things you may have to avoid. Caffeine is one thing that may trigger your stone formation lot quicker.

    Few things to note. You have to keep weight in control. If your weight is increased then it's hard for bladder to control the stone dissolving part. Also the stone formation process increases. Make sure to also take sleep in proper time. That will help with your mind and body and affects sleep pattern, which is also important while slowing down the stone formation.

    Most of what you do with kidney stone is avoiding the formation than curing the part when it is part.

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    I think drinking more water is also good for kidney patients and weekly at once if they take coconut water then it will be good.All type of kidney issue start from High and low blood pressure issues . Nowadays in market lot type of oil like refined oil which we are using is very dangerous if we avoid that and take Mustard oil regularly than it will be goo d for our health.

    Kidney patient try to avoid alcohol its very dangerous.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    As you already know alcohol is main enemy for kidney problem and second is oil.So avoid taking it if you are kidney patient.
    Healthy food for kidney patients are Red bell peppers, Cabbage , Cauliflower, Garlic, Onions, Apples, Red Grapes, Egg whites, Fish, Olive Oil, Ginger, Coriander, Walnut and Strawberries. Doctor always suggest to take these for kidney patients. These all things are good for kidney. Kidney patients should not take high protein or oily things.

    Main causes of Kidney Failure are : Diabetes, High blood pressure, Genetic diseases, Urinary tract problems, Nephrotic diseases, Heart attack, drug usage etc

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