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    Suggestion for starting a unique and dynamic NGO

    Interested in starting a NGO? Searching for a suitable name for this NGO? Check out this page for suggestions and decide a good name.

    I want to plan to start a NGO for the motto of social upliftmemt, agriculture and rural livelihood development for people of Uttar Pradesh and after some time for the entire India. This NGO will also work for the care of the environment, plantation and helping in education to poor people, making self help groups, development of skills for small cottage industry etc.
    Can you suggest a good and unique name for our NGO?
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    I am really happy to know about your idea of starting a NGO. Regarding names, you can choose any of names like- Hoonar NGO, Pratibha NGO, Jag Kalyan NGO, Utkarsh NGO, etc. All these names means - Talent and you will be using and even polishing the hidden talents.
    Other names which are coming to my mind are - Nishtha NGO, Prabal NGO and Kaaryasheel (Working) NGO.


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    It is really nice to know your interest in starting an NGO. If you have a zeal for service of the society, you will be definitely successful in your attempt. Already I hope you have made a governing body for the NGO. 'SAVE NATURE' appears to be a good name for your NGO. You can also name it as"PROTECT NATURE". . You can also think of naming it as 'HELP POOR' or 'HELP NEEDY'. You can also try :MISSION HELP' or 'MISSION SEVA'.
    All the best to you.

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    I am greatly impression with your idea to start a NGO for the motto of social uplift, agriculture and rural livelihood development for people of Uttar Pradesh and after some time for the entire India. As you have said NGO will also work for the care of the environment, plantation and helping in education to poor people, making self help groups, development of skills for small cottage industry etc. The idea is very good and clear.

    I suggest name is Be with the Environment.

    To start and run NGO (Non Governmental Organization/Non Profit Organization) is a long process.

    NGO can be registered as trusts, societies, or a private limited non profit company, under section-8 companies in India. To start NGO you must know these things :-
    1. Issues and mission that your NGO wants to address
    2. Before registration of NGO you must need to have a governing body that will be responsible for all activities and decisions of the NGO.
    3. NGO are formed by legally process in India so you must required documents bylaws that contain the name and address of the NGO, mission and objectives, details of governing body members.
    4. In India you have to register an NGO under any of the Acts Indian Trusts Act or Societies Registration Act or Companies Act.
    5. How you will raise funds for NGO
    6. Objective and mission of NGO must be clear.There must be a clean vision about the mission of the NGO

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    From your query it is apparent that you are aware with the procedure of formation of NGO.

    Once you register your NGO with the registrar of societies and trusts you are ready to commence your work.

    Regarding the name of the NGO I will suggest following -
    Arunodaya or Sarva-vikas or Grow-all or Look-ahead or Sab-ka-vikas or Chalo-aaghe etc.

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    It is a welcome idea to start an N G O. There should be a clear cut mandate for the organization. Sincere approach from the side of members must be insisted. I am working with an organization.
    This one has certain specialities compared to other organisations. When started the aim was popularization of Science among common people. First it started with taking classes in simple language. When started illiteracy was a problem, hence only oral classes were organised. However slowly started publishing and popularizing magazines and books. Reaction was good.
    However, this alone could not spread the scientific ideas among the common ( many were very poor) people. Something that helped them in their daily lige could do better.
    In those days most of the people were using firewood Stove in their kitchen. The pot would be kept on three raised stones and firewood will be fed through one side so that once the wood was burned the fire would be contacting the bottom of the pot. This helped boiling the water. However lot of temperature would be escaping through the gaps on all sides. This wastage of temperature had to be reduced and also thereby the quantity of firewood. A little research could solve it. It saved the firewood consumption, only about one third of the earlier quantity was needed in this modified Stove. Also the smoke problem was not there. Reduction of cost in firewood was also an attraction. This simple approach attracted thousands of people in this State. The Govt also came forward to assist the poorer people of the society to make this Stove. Just one of the approach is explained here.
    Later several other programmes were taken up by this organization. One special thing about this organization is that it do not collect money from people or any other organisations. The working fund is raised by selling books and magazines published by it. The volunteers of the organization go around selling these books which contain only popular science articles suited for children and adults.

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    Later this organization (the organisation mentioned above in my post) took up issues connected with nature preservation, low cost building construction, waste management, water conservation, improving agriculture production, fish culturing, soap making, mushroom cultivation, etc. This organization has been recognized by several agencies at national and international level.
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    you may keep the name Unnati Ki Ore. It is good for you, that you are going to run an N.G.O. Running an N.G.O. is a tough work. But if the goal is determined then it can be achieved.
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