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    How can I buy insurance for my new car?

    Planning to get Insurance coverage for your new car? Here are few tips from our ISC experts to identify a good Insurance company which offers best deal and coverage for your vehicle.


    I am Foram Shah, want to know how can I buy insurance for my new car. Please guide me on buying insurance. Not too many car buyers even think of cross-shopping on insurance. We MUST-DO in my opinion.

    Want to know which insurance company I should choose or visit to car dealer for insurance.
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    A car will not be allowed on the road without insurance that to third party insurance. You should drive a car without an insurance. When you are buying the car from a showroom the showroom person will give the rate including tax and insurance. Without that, they will not deliver the car. Please have a detailed discussion with the showroom person when you finalising the deal. They include insurance also. Please make it confirmed. If they have not taken, you go to united India assurance, New India Assurance, Oriental insurance or any other general insurance company. You have to get temporary registration from the showroom and insurance papers. Then only you should bring your car on to the road. Within one month you should get your permanent registration done.
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    According to the Motor Vehicle Act, it is mandatory for all motor vehicles to have an insurance (third party at least) before taken into roads. Usually insurance covers a part of all the losses occurred - happened to the vehicle, other vehicle involved and any persons injured by the accident. Third party insurance covers only the last part, ie, the party injured by the vehicle. And at lest a third party insurance is must for a vehicle.

    When a buyer buys a new vehicle, the dealer will be providing service of insurance (with their insurance partner) to the buyer. The buyer may choose this or any other at his will. And the period of insurance is of one year and after that usually the company will contact you to renew the policy with updated terms. Again, you may choose this or any other.

    And about getting insurance company. All General Insurance Companies do motor insurance. And the prominent ones are United India Assurance and New India Assurance. Of course there are much more.

    Get the best suitable policy for your vehicle. Make sure you got the papers before using your vehicle at public roads. And as safety warning, Always wear Helmets/Seat belts!

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    Motor Vehicles Act stipulates that it is mandatory for all motor vehicles to have insurance before the vehicles are moved to road. When a person buys a car from a showroom, he is given insurance premium rate and tax applicable thereupon. If the buyer refuses to take insurance, the car is not sold.
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    Car insurance is one of the few documents which are must for every vehicle driver or owner. Before buying a car insurance ask to all your friends and relatives including neighbors regarding the company from whom they have purchased a car insurance.
    Sometimes car dealers will do the car insurance buying task easy. You can even compare the car insurance features online by visiting policybazaar dot com website.

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