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    The reason behind sweaty palms, legs and dizziness.

    Do you want to know the reasons for sweaty palms and dizziness? Check out this page for a detailed information from our ISC experts.

    I am 18 years old. I am facing a problem recently. That is sweaty palms and legs. This has never happened to me before. It recently started a week or two before. I just want to know the reason behind it. And also, I am feeling very dizzy and weak.
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    There are few reasons for a 18-year-old to be having these symptoms. I take it that if you are at school or college you would have been in or just out of 12th standard. The causes from simple to complex would be

    1. Anxiety: Perhaps you are anxious about your grades at education, difficulties you face,

    2. Stress-related: If you are under pressure from nearing exams or assessment or have friends/students who look down upon you or often bully you. Many times there are minor issues that teenagers of your age do not feel appropriate to discuss with your parents.

    3.Growth phase with poor dietary habits: 18 years is a growing age when your body demands for energy and nutrition is high to cater to the needs of the growing organ systems. In this background, if your dietary habits are poor and lack proteins and vitamins, then you can be left weak often. This is a little more pronounced in girls with the added component of hormonal changes and irregular monthly cycles in the early ages.

    Some medical conditions

    4.Hyperfunctioning thyroid: During the growth phase some people have thyroid function abnormalities. Over functioning of the thyroid gland can have similar symptoms.

    5.Hyperhidrosis: Some individuals have excess or abnormal amounts of sweating in the hands and feet due to increased nervous activity.

    I would suggest, think of the above and then see your family doctor or an internal medicine specialist who can assess and re-assure you.

    It would often be one of the first three scenarios, if it true, then do not worry unduly about grades, friends and peer pressure, life is much more than that. Please treat your parents as your friends and discuss with them as all parents want their children to happy and good grades or distinction does not come above your well being for your parents.

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    There are numerous sweet glands on the palms, feet, face, armpits etc. These sweat glands give out sweat whenever body is overheated. This is a type of temperature regulation as the evaporation of sweat to atmosphere takes heat from body and brings down the body temperature.

    So sweating takes place mainly if body is overheated, if a person suddenly goes into an emotional stage, during workout, hormonal disbalance etc.

    Sweat glands are activated by nerve system. Due to various reasons these nerves sometimes over activate the sweat glands and a person feels abnormal sweating.

    Medically this condition is known as hyperhidrosis. If it is limited to Palm, feet and armpits etc it is called primary hyperhidrosis and if it is almost on the whole body then it is termed as secondary.

    The general treatment of this is to use antiperspirant on the skin. They make a thin shield on skin surface and lessen sweating.

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    Many times majority of girls who are in the phase of growth will have this problem.
    It is quite a normal phenomena and you can consult a lady physician for correct diagnosis and cure.
    There are many reasons for this symptom.
    1. Anxiety: People who are very anxious about their work or position and who are more worried about their works will have this problem. If you try to avoid that anxiety and by maintaining cool this problem will come down.
    2.Stree: Many students will be under tremendous stress for completing their syllabus and completing their home works and facing the examinations. This will give this disorder. If you avoid getting panic and plan your work in a proper way this will become normal.
    3.Weakness; Many girls in the guise of dieting won't take sufficient food and as a result, they will be either anaemic or weak. These disorders also will show the sweating. If you intake more iron and eat healthy and nutritious food you will come out of this problem.
    4.Cardiovascular Disorders and hypoglycemia will also cause excessive sweating. You have to consult a good physician and go as per his advise in this case.

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    Since you are passing through the adolescent stage, your body needs some extra nutrients such as Protiens, Vitamins, minerals apart from the consumption of carbohydrate.
    Now let us analyse the cause of excess segregation of sweets from the different points such as legs, arm - pits and palms. In fact, this is a normal phenomena of our body system to adjust the heat prevailing within our surroundings. The more is the heat in the surroundings, the more we are to sweat. Of course, we cannot ignore the stress - factors which may trigger more sweating.
    I would recommend to follow a few simple tips in order to overcome the problems with which you are facing at this moment.
    1) Consult your family physician and you should have frank discussion with him regarding your health issues. He may advise you for a blood test for liver function test, Thyroid profile, Kidney- function test and other pathological tests such as Blood sugar in your system and Vitamin B and Vitamin D content in your blood - cerum test. He would recommend you some tonics or medicines depending upon your blood reports.
    2) Keep your self hydrated with sufficient intake of water and in that way you can enhance your metabolism.
    3) You should take adequate care of your food by including eggs, chickens, Milk, Curd, dry fruits such as Almonds and Walnuts to supplement your body with enough nutrients apart from seasoned fruits such as apples, guavas, Papaya etc.
    4) Avoid over stress and in that way you may arrest the dysfunction of hormonal - balance.
    5) A simple ECG test will reveal the functioning of your heart and any anamoly indicating cardiovascular disease may be resolved with the appointments of heart - specialist.
    So earlier you take steps in this direction, you would get better results.

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    These are symptoms of anxiety and stress. You have to consult to the doctor for the expert opinion. If you are having these symptoms with some specific cause then you have to explain to the doctor since when and what leads to this situation. I think that way you would understand what could be the issue with the dizziness there.

    Sweaty palms and heavy breathing is a sign of anxiety and blood pressure. If you have that then please consult to the doctor as soon as possible.

    In case of dizziness that could be another symptom though not related to anxiety and stress. But you get the idea here of how it could be due to stress and anxiety.

    Think positive. Eat healthy and also exercise or go for walk. These small things adds up and helps in anxiety and stress times. Also take doctors opinion on this and find out cause of the things.

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    There are lot of reason for dizziness. They are stress related problems, cardiovascular problems, low sugar, blood pressure, allergic due to anything or if you use any medication which are overdose to you or not suitable to you.

    But I think you are in the stage of adolescent, anemia is common with these signs. Nowadays youngsters are ready to eat junk foods but easily avoid healthy food. You should consult the doctor if it continues. Honey dipped Amla is good to enhance the haemoglobin level. Take Date fruits daily. To control dizziness take the soaked dried fruit. Sundakkai (Turkey berry) is rich in Iron and fibre. Eat Beans, pulses, dried fruits and drink milk. Dehydration which also causes dizziness so drink more water.

    All are the reason for dizziness but to diagnose compulsory consult the doctor and follow above tips which does not have any side effects.

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