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    Changing State Board to CBSE Board

    Are you having a problem in studying under a particular Board? Want to know how to change the Board? Find advice from experts on this page and resolve your queries.

    My husband passed away suddenly while my son was studying 11th Standard CBSE curriculum. My child was not a able to study because we shifted to a nearby town. My son told me that the Metric syllabus is full of rote learning and he is not able to study there. He has been comfortable with CBSE board from 1st standard. so he is looking out for a transfer to CBSE Board. I have asked the school for transfer but they have informed that registration is closed. Can you provide a solution? want to
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    As your son was studying in CBSE syllabus only all these days there will not be any problem for again going back to CBSE from the state board. What you should do is you have contact the schools in which they are offering CBSE syllabus and ask for admission to 11th class. But the main problem is it is in the middle of the year. So schools may not have vacancies and hence they may not be able to give admission. In such case, your son has to manage 11th standard in the present school and next year you can put him in CBSE syllabus. Otherwise, one year will get wasted which is not at all advisable.
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    As the child was already in CBSE board from Grade I, he will find it convenient in Grade XI & XII also. Hence as far as his studies is concerned you need not worry. But the only problem is he will have to spend extra time to take down the notes of these months and to memorize it. As he is a grown up boy it will not be very difficult for him.

    As to change the school, try speaking to any near by CBSE schools and if they are ready to accommodate one more child, then accordingly speak to his current school and do the needful. Let the school authorities know your situation so that they will be ready to let your child in. If in case you fail to find a good CBSE school for your child, let him somehow study in the state board this year and change him next year to the CBSE school.

    For your child to adjust with the state board, give him tuition and let him do combine studies with his class mates. If you know any child from your neighborhood who is in your son's class, then let him make friends with that child so that they can learn together as it will take time for your child to make friends in this new school. Once he feel himself comfortable, may be he will be able to study better in the State board.

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