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    How to avoid black strips on both side when uploading videos on YouTube?

    Want to avoid black strips during video uploads? Looking out for a solution to remove these strips or edit the videos before upload? On this page you can read the responses from experts and get a resolution to your query.

    I regularly uploads videos in my YouTube channels. When I upload videos there are black strips on both the sides of the video. I tried hard and tried to edit by using different video editors but it failed.
    Can you guide me to avoid this black strip by step by step procedure?
    And how can I edit the videos before uploading?
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    Black strips appear because you have used the Mobile or smartphone in vertical mode. Use it horizontal in landscape mode. Portrait mode is what causes those black strip. Hold the phone horizontally like you do while playing games such as angry birds. And then use the camera properly to take images. In this mode you may not have the black strips on your video. And that shows you how the video in HD or the high resolution would be accepted on youtube. If the youtube finds out any video in the portrait resolution. Then it is going to be making your video with those black strips.

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    The black strips(bars) occur on youtube because of improper ratio. you can solve this problem without reuploading the video, If you want to solve this problem then choose the video you want to change and edit video then change aspect ratio from 4:3 letterboxing to 16:9 landscape. Record any video in a horizontal manner not in vertical so it gives much better at the cost of advantage.

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    Let me know how to change the ratio from 4:3 to 16:9. please provide step by step procedure. Thanks
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