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    How to be a Software Architect

    Interested in becoming a software architect? Searching for career guidance? Here, read the responses provided by experts and decide how to become a software architect.

    I have passed MCA in 2015 and currently I'm working in an IT company as an apps developer. But I want to be a Software Architect. Can you guide me about how to become a Software Architect? I know these technologies: php, javascript, css, css3, React, c, c++, python & java.
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    To become a Software Architect you simply needs to earn a bachelor degree in computer science, software engineering and other information systems. As you said that you have completed MCA so you can be a software architect. Software architect also known as software expert. Let me explain you what software architect actually does. A software architect is a software expert who makes high-level design choices and dictates technical standards, including platforms, tools, softwares and coding standard. Watch software architectutre fundamental soft skills to become a better team leader.

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