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    Career in private companies and its details

    Interested in working in a private company? Want to know detailed job opportunities in the private sector? Here, on this page you can go through the advice from experts for all your questions.

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    What are the job opportunities in private companies for an arts graduate with no experience?
    Which city is good for searching jobs and living alone ?
    What are the accomodation costs for single male ?
    What are the documents required for applying jobs ?
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    You are a fresh arts graduate wiht only a PAN card looking for a job.

    1.First take time to complete your AAdhaar card, Voter's ID and driving license if you know driving, as these are important identitfy documents that will be need to prove that you are yourself.

    2.Prepare a smart CV for yourself How to write an effective CV. and references

    3.list your skills and weakness and aim at improving yourself.make a list of people whom you, your friends,family or relatives will know and be a position to help you get a job.

    4. Most metros are good places to start looking for work but you need to understand the city's good and bad areas to be safe and have a friend or a known to help you if necessary. Accommodation is variable depending on the city or locality. You can try the PG hostels that are more economical with basic amenities.

    5.Register yourself on the job portals like, can check this site and start contributing like a blog on topics related to arts)

    6. Analyse whether you have an aptitude for teaching, become a designer an illustrator for a media company or you want to work in a art studio or a museum etc.

    7. If you have a good aptitude for teaching, then why not prepare to become a teacher in a government or a private school. You can try and complete you B.Ed via correspondence from a UGC recognized college, while you work as a primary school teacher, or a private tutor or a arts/drawing teacher in a small school etc.

    Think along these lines and have a plan in mind before venturing out to the metros looking for work.

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    Hi, I am a Sales Representative and I also involved in hiring candidates as and when there is a vacancy for different departments. We usually as a hirer look for a candidate with good academic results and practical knowledge irrespective of any field they're hired for. Please note below which you need to ensure before applying for job

    1. First and foremost thing, you need to check if you have required certificates for applying for the particular vacany.
    2. Check if the job profile will give enough boost to your career.Just don't get into something because you are in need.
    3. You need to ensure you have proper ID and Address Proof as this is important criteria these days for verification round.These days you have an ease of having both Address and Photo ID Card in a single document like Aadhaar Card. Pan card will only act as Photo ID Card
    4. As a arts candidate, you cannot really for technical profile but can try in Admin Dept, Purchase or Sales Department or even try in some schools but they ask for teacher training certificates usually.
    5.PG in India would cost somewhere from Rs.1000 - 4000 depending on the amenities, locality, etc
    6. Ensure you frame you CV well as people can guess your professionalism and communication from your resume.

    Good Luck

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    As an arts graduate, you can try for jobs in accounts, administration, Personnel and HR departments of any private organisations. You can also work as personal assistant to a senior manager if you know typing on a computer. You have to prepare a resume giving all the details of you and focussing more on your strengths and the same can be placed in job portals like Naukri.conm, etc. You can also forward your resume to various placement agencies and you can apply on your own by referring the advertisements in various papers. Please make sure that you have all the certificates required showing your qualification, percentage of marks, Date of Birth certificate, conduct and transfer certificate from the institute you have studied and identity cards like Aadhaar and voter cards. Then the employers may call you for an interview. I suggest you do some certification course in any field of your interest that will give you an edge over other candidates Any good city like Hyderabad, Bangalore. Pune. Mumbai , Chennai or Ahmedabad will be good for a better chance.A paying guest facility may cost you about Rs. 4000 to Rs.5000/- which may include your accommodation, breakfast and dinner. Lunch may not be included.
    always confident

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