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    What is the difference between buying a domain with www and without www?

    Planning to buy a domain? confused between choosing www or without it? Here, on this page scroll through the responses from experts for your queries.

    I am about to buy a domain but am confused about the type of website that the company is offering.

    When I check for availability, for example: - It shows available but when I check for it says it is unavailable. What is the difference between both variants? Should I buy a domain with WWW or without WWW?

    How does this affect my site's ranking? Please suggest which is better for future purposes, with or without.
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    For a small business owner or an average user, there is no much difference between www vs non-www. It is only the interest of the individual.
    There is a technical difference between the two but for most people, it shouldn't make any difference.
    When www. is added in front of a site, it acts as a hostname which can provide with flexibility with DNS and an ability to restrict cookies while using multiple subdomains. A non-WWW domain referred as naked domains do not have a technical advantage.

    always confident

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