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    How to help your loved ones to deal with unemployment stress

    Worried about a loved on buckling under stress due to unemployment? Let our experts help you to help that person with tips on how he can cope with it.

    Employment is essential and being employed or working with a private/public company enables a person to earn money to live. Losing a job or being unemployed is a stress for a person until a new job is found. The person is stressed, as he/she thinks that he/she has become a burden and is dependent on others to live his/her life. In such a scenario, how would you help the person to cope with the tension of unemployment, especially if the person is very close to you?
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    Unemployment is the very tough phase of one's life. It makes him/her stay positive all the time. It happens due to the uncertainty of being employed again. You can help your loved ones to cope with the unemployment stress when one of your known persons is going through this phase. Here are some useful and effective tips that can help you to be with your loved ones in this bad time and support him/her get rid of it:
    1. Have faith in him/her
    2. Call him/her over to your place
    3. Listen to him/her carefully
    4. Never cry about your own problems when you are with him/her
    5. Always keep smiling
    6. Never judge him/her
    7. Do the things to increase his/her self-confidence
    8. Go for outings with him/her
    9. Make him/her believe that he/she will have a better employment opportunity soon

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    I think the question is very important in Indian society, where unemployment and under-employment have already been very high. Further, now the stress of getting a pink slip at middle age has been added to the previous problems of unemployment or under-employment. Such people remain under tremendous stress. If we want to reduce his/her stress, we must not criticize him/her. Instead, we must help such person by providing information about new job opportunities from different newspapers/periodicals. We can also help such persons by helping him to prepare new/revised bio-data and finding short-term training courses which may help him to find a new job. We can also help an unemployed person by taking him/her to attend mock interview session and by constantly encouraging him. If we try to help such person in these manners indicated above, he/she won't feel stressed in our presence and would actually welcome our presence instead of avoiding us.
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    The job situation in our country is very grim. The competition is becoming tougher day by day. In such a situation the unemployed youth is under tremendous pressure and uncertainty of his future will be hovering over his head.

    In such circumstances, it is imperative that we should deal with him in a careful and psychological way so that he does not get hurt or even does not go under the bout of depressive feelings.

    The family members and friends should take care in handling the feelings and emotions of an unemployed person and as such if possible try to help or guide him in a positive way.

    Today even the most qualified people are not getting jobs commensurate to their academic potentials. In such a condition a mediocre student has no future in sight. So what he requires is consoling and affectionate behaviour to cope up with the uncertainties and hardships.

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    Employment is a very important issue in everybody's life as it gives a strength to take care of his and his family expenses to have a reasonably happy life. So everybody will be always trying to get a good job to settle in their life and only after settling the job many people wanted to get married.
    In India, it is unfortunate that the chances of getting a good job are very difficult even though we have required qualification and strength. Many youths will get tensioned if they are not getting a job.
    If your loved ones are having such a problem you should help him to come out of such tension by giving him your moral support.
    As you know him well, you will have a fair idea of his strengths and weaknesses, you can advise him which type of job is more suitable for him.
    You can also help him in improving his vocabulary and his speaking abilities in English bu talking to him and corresponding with him and good English.
    If he is a little hesitant to open up before others you should encourage him to speak in gathering so that he will become confident and talk to others with confidence.
    If he is having any back up you can help him to have a way start his own business so that he need not worry about a job and he can become an employer instead of an employee.
    If you know any avenues for a job you can inform him to apply for those openings and you should encourage him to come out of his stress and see that he will become normal.
    It is always better to appreciate his ability and motivate him in such a way he will be come more confident and fare well in his attempts to get a job.

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    To remain unemployed these days is really a stressful situation and this situation may escalate the tension further. However, there are a lot of youths in the societies adhering to certain paths such preparation for the mock interviews, revision of their text books so as to remain updated or enhancing their communication- abilities for the betterment of performance for the interviews with which they would come across shortly. But for others, the situation may be contrary to this.
    We must try to alleviate their present agonies with giving an ear to their problems. If you are a good listener of their both positive or negative emotions, it would give him a great solace to maintain tranquility. Remind him of his strength and skill and instil a sense of positive confidence within him. You may provide him some sources from where he can get a job. He may be advised to refer to or Job If you come across a suitable position appearing in some leading News paper, it should be passed on to him.
    You may highlight the values of Yoga and with the adherence of Kapal - Bhatati, Anulom - Vilom , Swarangason etc, he would be able to lessen his mental stress considerably. Such practices will strengthen his mental - faculty as well enabling him to get a job.

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    In India, the job market is very challenging and most middle class and lower class families struggle to get a decent job. It is hard for parents and elder siblings to see their son/daughter or brother/sister trying in vain to get their first job.

    We should understand that gone are the days that a job meant a job for life. The current geopolitical and financial situations make it difficult for everyone to have a secure job always.

    As a family, we need to instill self-confidence, patience and self-esteem in the unemployed. We should closely monitor their job application process and their basic approach to searching a job. We should help them understand the differences between a dream job and a basic but real job. Many youngsters want a good job at the beginning itself, so ignore the lesser paying good opportunities.

    We should give them personal or professional help as to how to get their CVs in order, register on online portals, keep a look out for walk-in interviews etc. We should also ensure that they are updated with the skills and knowledge, if it means going for another short-term course, we can help find the fundings for them.

    Most important is for the family to tap into their contacts to see if there is an opening at firms/offices of their clients, business partners, friends etc. This personal contact/networking will have a better chance of success in India. If time and funds permit, we need to encourage them to be a part-time employee, volunteer or an apprentice for a short period instead of sitting idle.

    We should support them emotionally, financially and socially. Unemployed youth and friends often may feel embarrassed to ask or take finance assistance, we need to be proactive on these issues. The family members and their friends can be the best interview coaches for the loved ones. We can guide them about how to prepare for the interview, for selection exams, how to anticipate and answer questions. It is common practice also to facilitate the process of the landing the first job, we should explore this option too.

    In short, we should the extra brains, eyes, and ears for the unemployed family member apart from being a pillar giving support.

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    Support him morally and guide him in enhancing his skills or learning additional courses and help him in finding the suitable job.
    Guide him in finding the opportunities and different career options using your professional network.
    Help him in updating his CV.
    Support him financially as this will reduce his burden.

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    The major agent in unemployment is our own mind.Many of us keeping idle in the house or roaming here and there by expecting a 'suitable' job according to their qualification or expectations. But my advise is to consult by approaching in person through advertisements or through man power agents, to get a job initially. Later by gaining experience you can shift to the intended job.

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