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    Which State is best to buy land for agriculture purpose?

    Planning to buy land for agricultural purposes in India? Check out the opinions of others in the responses at this Ask Expert page to help you take a decision.

    I wish to purchase some land. I want to know that which State in India is best to buy land for agriculture purpose with reasons why it would be ideal to buy it there.
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    I am not a specialist of the subject matter and therefore posting my response based on the general knowledge and common sense only.

    It primarily depends on the scale of the project i.e. how much amount is to be invested i.e. how much will be acreage of the agricultural land to be purchased. In case it is a small scale operation, then it is better to not to go too far in other states or regions. Buying a piece of land at our own native place may serve the purpose as in such a way the risk of other people to forcibly occupying the land by snatching it illegally will be minimal.

    However, in case of wealthy people having hundreds of crores of white money to invest for the purpose of buying agricultural land, the scenario will e different. They may think to buy such land in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and such other states where productivity is higher.

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    The first thing to do is that you have to decide the crops you want to grow in the land that you are going to buy. For wheat, you can buy agricultural land in UP, Punjab and Haryana. Focus on buying land in Maharshtra if you have decided to grow onions. For pulses, buy land in UP. In brief, deciding the crops will be a great help in buying land for agricultural purposes.

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    If you want to buy land for agriculture purpose you can purchase in many states. If you love growing cane sugar or paddy please purchase in Andhra Pradesh or Orissa or Maharastra. The lands will be fertile and the production will be good.
    If you are interested in only Paddy you can go to Telangana also. The rates will be comparatively less and yields will also be less.
    If you want to go for wheat production you can purchase in Punjab, UP. Uttaranchal or Haryana.
    In between the crops of paddy in Andhra Pradesh, you can go for pulses also.
    If you want to have Mango Garden or Coconut you can try at Konaseema of East Godavari Dt of Andhra Pradesh.
    If you want sericulture you can buy land near Pithapuram in East Godavari Dt. of Andhra Pradesh.

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    Which type of crops are you want to grow in the field? I am suggesting you some of the states:
    1. Punjab is the best state for agriculture purposes. Its land is fertile and irrigated by the river of North India.
    2. Madhya Pradesh is also a good option. Opium and cotton are grown here due to the black soil found in Madhya Pradesh. You can purchase the land here at the cheaper rate than that of other states.
    3. Chhattisgarh is also a good option. The land is fertile here and available at reasonable prices.
    4. If you want to grow rice in your field West Bengal is the best option to purchase the agriculture land.
    You have not provided your complete detail. Where you live at present. It would certainly help members to guide you on the basis of your current location. It is inconvenient for a person to visit from a place of North India to the last point of South India.

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    It all depends on which crops you want to grow and that would decide the right agriculture land which may have good yield. Suppose if you want to cultivate paddy, then you may consider, AP, Tamil Nadu. If you want to cultivate flowers and aroma giving plants then go for Karnataka. If you want pulses and Sugar cane to be cultivated, go for North Telangana and If you want to have Chillies especially the red chillies, then Guntur in AP is the best place to buy and sell. And for cotton purpose black soil is good and for that Maharastra is the right place and for spices and nuts, go for Kerala.
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    First, have the basic idea of what you expect from the agricultural land that you intend to buy. The returns you anticipate and the crops, the time horizon for realizing your dreams. Is it just a means of investment, additional income or is it going to be the sole source of income?

    For rice and ragi(finger millet) South India states of TamilNadu, Andhra and parts of Karnataka are good. For spices and coffee crops, Chikmagalur, Sakleshpura is good, for arecanut farming the best states are Karnataka and Kerala. For fruits crops like Mango, UP and AP account for 25% of India's production, Karnataka and Kerala follow. Bananas need deep rich loamy soil with good drainage, TamilNadu, Gujarat, Maharastra are among the top 10 states in India.

    There are many agricultural land consultants available in India who would give your professional advice as to why and how and where to buy.(agro corp global- consultants for organic farming) (Hosachiguru - agricultural asset management company). I mention this because, you need to know about the soil base, the water table and the levels for the near future, the planned developments that are coming up, the proximity to irrigation canals, government or forest lands and lastly the people to facilitate the numerous steps in buying and registering the land.

    You need to check the legislation of each state. For instance, in Karnataka, you need have an agricultural background and need a 'Pani' and if your annual income is more than 25 lakhs and you are nonagricultural (by family profession), you cannot buy agricultural land. So, you need to be very careful. Also, you need to be cautious about buying large tracts of land in interior places because these would have many families and their members who have a stake in it, some would be illegally held or held in benami names and land mafia will be in the fringes. So before purchasing please research, seek a good reputed lawyer who can verify the mother deed etc.

    Some experts suggest advertising our intention of buying a particular land in the local/regional papers soliciting any potential disputes from connected heirs or stakeholders.

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