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    Switching from BPO to IT industry

    Planning to switch from BPO to IT industry? Looking out for information about which courses to opt for and get into IT industry? On this page, find advice and suggestions from experts.

    I have 6 years of experience into BPO completely into voice from different domains. Now I am planning to switch to IT industry.
    Could you please suggest me which course would be suitable for me?
    I am a commerce graduate and completely IT or technical illiterate?
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    Since you have experience in the voice you can get the job as customer care executive in IT industry.Since you are commerce graduate getting into SW development is not possible unless you do MCA.
    You can also try in other industries like consumer electronics, automotive, Mobile etc as customer care executive

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    IT industry looks for people with IT Knowledge and experience. So if you want to have a career in that line you should make your self-educated in that line. You are a commerce graduate. So first get yourself equipped with some certification course in computer applications. Once you get a certificate with your experience and the certification you can try for an IT post. You can try some administrative junior position in IT industry. But many good industries will consider only people who have some knowledge in IT.
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    Having 6 years of BPO experience, switching from BPO to IT is not an easy thing. Nowadays, companies who are hiring for roles in IT jobs look for the experience than certification courses. If you are working in a high profile company like TCS, Infosys or any other, then I am sure they will have an IT services area which you can probably try to enter. I know companies such as Infosys and TCS has BPO and IT services and few people depending on business reason or personal reasons switch from BPO to IT.

    If your company is a pure BPO related, then you have no choice other than doing some courses and trying to find a job. I would suggest doing some courses related to Big Data, DevOps as these are emerging things in the IT field now. Once you have finished the courses, create a LinkedIn profile and try to connect with the recruiters in the companies you are looking for a job. Make sure that your profile looks attractive and catchy with proper keywords. Most of the IT companies are on LinkedIn so you can connect with them and be in touch with them to get to know about any job opportunities.


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    With your considerable experience in BPO( with your submission it is six odd years experience), you have to think of alternative ways - how best you you can compete your self with the aspirants already working in the IT profession.
    The employers recruiting their aspirants for IT field would look into certain attributes with which their aspirants are endowed with such as strong fundamental of basics of short ware related domains such as Java, C++, Oracle etc and a better presentation skill. Moreover, you will be tested for your patience in the interview apart from your problem solving methods in the crisis.
    Though basically, you are not from from the computer - stream, you need to acquire the essential skills which will ultimately strengthen your capability in the software profession.
    NEET and APTECH are the pioneers in imparting education in the software field. Choose some certification for which they have recommendation for you. The GNEET course covering four year duration would be most ideal for you for the coverage of the different modules of IT related field. Side by side, your certification in Java, Oracle or C++ from either of the institutions would be helpful.
    You may start your career in a modest company and gain experience in the IT field. With such an humble start and you qualification in IT field can help you to gain an employment in a MNC company at a later stage.

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    Switching from BPO to IT field I feel will be a very steep learning curve for you as you are saying you are not into the technical field. Still, if you are interested you have to learn important programming languages like Java, Python, Ruby, Perl etc to make yourself a strong candidate for the position. Even after that since you do not have practical exposure to software development projects you may have to start from 0 experience level as a fresher.

    Instead, I would suggest that if you want to go into IT field do not go straight into development as it will be a tough job for you. It's better if you try to enter an IT company in Software testing positions. Here you would not be required to know the programming and do all the courses. Here you simply need to test the software applications from the end user point of view. For example, you will need to verify all the functionalities of a website like clicking the links, typing username, and password, register user etc. This testing at a user level is called black box testing as it does not require knowledge of the internal code of the application. The testing job will be comparatively easy for you to start with and later when you are comfortable and if interested you can slowly ramp up on software development and try for that role.

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