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    Why drinking water more is beneficial to health when seated?

    Have a query about habits related to drinking water? Wondering whether it is beneficial to drink water while being seated? Check out this page and get answers to yuor queries.

    Many people say to sit and drink water. Why is that so? How biologically does that help the human body? There are lots of circumstances where you don't have place to sit and drink. So wanted to understand what extent water drinking is beneficial while seated?
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    Our throat is a common entrance for lungs and stomach. There is a connection to nose and ear also.
    When we drink water or take food, the body's mechanism of control valves ensure that the opening to the lungs and nose are closed or blocked .This is done by the 'epiglottis' which stays on the opening of wind pie closing it and the uvula going up and closing the nasal passage.
    Both these functions become smooth and natural when we sit erect. Bu suppose we lie on our side or back or on front, the natural tendency is affected and the gravity action is affected. That puts more load and effort on the epiglottis and uvula and they may cause a momentary error and the food or water may get into the nose or lungs, which can be very serious and even fatal.

    That is why it is said that we should take water or food only by sitting erect and not in other positions. In this correct position, the water is taken almost in line with the mouth and tongue, which send the food or water properly to the food pipe, while the uvula and epiglottis do their job correctly.

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    When you sit straight your body will be straight and the way in which water will pass through will be straight and because of the gravity action the water will go straight into the body easily without any hindrance.
    When we stand up and take water, it flows with a great volume down the food canal & splashes on to the lower stomach wall. The splash actually damages the stomach wall and the nearby organs. Over a long-term, it may disturb the overall digestive system. It has been found that our kidneys filter better while sitting. Water intake while standing passes the water with a push without much filtration. It causes the impurities to gather in blood or bladder leading to damage to kidneys.
    So it is always better to take water while sitting.

    always confident

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    Many elders would advise us to drink water sitting down for varius health benefits.

    Drinking water in the standing position is associated with numrous unpleasant or adverse effects. While drinking in the standing position, people suffer indigestion, the kidneys filter impurities sub-optimally when compared to sitting positon. When consumed in the erect posture, the splashing of water in the lower parts of the stomach can lead to ulceration reflux symptoms related to the regurgigations of acidic content into the lower oesophagus because of weakening of the upper oesophageal sphincter.

    WHile sitting down and drink water, the nerves are said to be relaxed and work better aiding in digestion and the process runs more smoother. Long term practice of drinking water while standing can lead to an imbalance in body fluids, leading to increased joints fluids that can cause joint pains.

    Ayurvedic experts also suggest to slowly sip the water and not to gulp it. Sitting and drinking water slowly also gives a chance for the windpipe to get enough oxygen and air avoiding respiratory problems later on. Hence, as far as possible, we need to drink water while sitting down and do it slowly that we do not disturb the harmony of the digestive system and the nerves that control it.

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    This is just a silly mistake of drinking water in stansing position causes improper function of bosy parts. No one should drink water in statnding position. Let us see This simple thing how affects different parts in our body.

    When you are in statnding position:
    --> your nerves will be in attention(tensed). So when you are drinking water, it will not be retained in your body.
    --> your oesophagus(food pipe) will be in a straight position, so that water enters the oesophagus and splashes into the stomach and causes digestive problems.
    --> There will not be a regular blood flow to everyparts in a same manner. so that drinking water will not give energy throughout the body.

    Drinking water in statnding position will result in:

    --> When you always drink water when you are statnding causes severe damanges. Because of the water splashes the stomach when you are statnding, It affects digestive system. So that it functions improperly and will not absorb minerals, vitamins, calcium from food properly.

    --> If the minerals absorbtion is reduced, It will result in arthritis (pain in joints and back pain).

    --> It sometimes causes indigestion, gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers.

    --> If you stand and drink water, your throat will ask more and more water. The water you are drinking will not fulfill your thirsty throat.

    --> It causes improper function of liver.

    --> When you are in standing position, kidney will not filter the water properly. It affects kidney also.

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