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    Why I am getting this security message in my PC

    Is the PC giving a security message? Looking out for help online? Get help form experts to understand why such messages come on this page.

    I do online financial transactions through my desktop PC.
    I had installed Kaspersky Internet Security and keep it update always. I am using Google Chrome as browser. That is also kept regularly updated. I also do regular security scans and get notification as 'No threats detected' 'Computer is protected' etc.
    While doing some financial transactions I make use of the 'open in protected browser' by Kaspersky.

    But I regularly get the message "Suspicious Action is blocked'. On going to detailed reports I get the following details:
    'Action - Read memory from other processes'.
    Application-Google Chrome
    Application path - .....\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome .exe

    Most of the time, after the transaction, I clear the history and use CCleaner also.

    When I do the transactions, I get numerous such messages all same, timed almost every minute.
    I do not know why this message comes.
    Is there any security threat and am I safe for doing the transactions?
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    As far as my knowledge comes It's normal. You can hide these notifications by clicking on the top right corner of notification and choose Don't show this again.
    For further details you can see the following page.

    always confident

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    Yes, you need to close option on the upper right corner then you can go for using anything. I am a research writer and I am a co-founder of 1 Click Dissertation UK Agency. I hope you will resolve this issue in their showing PC.

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    Looks like some genuine click which you are doing during your transaction is considered as something fishy by Kaspersky. It is ok to close this notification and proceed further as long as you don't see any major problem. I would like to suggest another way of opening the chrome browser for safe transactions which is Incognito mode. After. opening the chrome normally on the top right corner you will see 3 dots. If you click on them, you will see the option to open the browser in Incognito mode. A shortcut way to open incognito mode is to press Ctrl + Shift + N on your keyboard if you are using a Windows PC.

    When you use the browser in this mode, it doesn't store your web surfing history, cookies, download history, or login credentials. Many companies and banks recommend their customers using the browser with incognito mode. You might not get the above issue if you use this mode. Please note it does not replace any other safety methods you have but it can give you some level of abstraction only.


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