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    Which are good opportunities in HR to balance work & family life?

    Are you searching for career opportunities in HR which will provide a good balance between work and your family life? Check out which options are available from this Ask Expert page.

    I have done MHRM and have work for 3 years in the HR field and have taken some break due to some reason. Now I am looking to work in HR field again with flexible timings so could you please guide me in finding the right opportunity to have a bright career, at the same time being able to balance my family and my career equally without having any disturbances.
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    1. You can take up HR Consultancy works. Many small-scale industries will not have their own HR department. So they will be taking people on a consultancy basis. You need not go to their office as per any given time. You can see the convenience of your timing and you can complete their works as per the date they wanted.
    2. You can join in any Organisation as an HR Manager or HR officer and take care of the department. Here you have to follow the timings and do the work as needed by the company. They may ask you to do IR works also in addition to HR works in the Organisation as per the requirement.
    3. You can be a trainer. For this, you have to join with a good trainer and work with him for some time and learn the technique and then you can go on your own. This depends more on your individual interest and ability. You may have to work for some extra hours till you learn the process. Then it will be easy for you.
    4. You can start your HR services firm. You have to maintain the database of the people who require a job or who want to go for a better job and contact the employers and provide them with the suitable candidates. This is also a lucrative business. But it depends more on the contacts you develop and the skill you have in winning over the people.
    Now it is your turn to decide on the way forward based on your interest and ability.

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