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    Diet for piles

    What diet should i take to improve my bleeding piles?Please also suggest what i should avoid. As such, I have minimised spicy food.
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    Hi Brij,

    I am not a Doctor, but my friend's experience let you know that he was suffering from a kind of piles, piles has different types, I hope you know at this time...

    My suggestion to you is Daily drink lemon juice making it boil and let cool then drink later...Drink water as much as you can light "Push up" (from 10 to increase more) exercise for at least 40 days...Take daily 1 becasule capsule for at least 30 days...

    But try to walk as much as you can daily...

    My suggestion not to do is don't use spicy and oily items much, avoid Chicken item for few days...reduce having pani puri items for few days and reduce using Gutka, Betel, Zarda etc...

    All the best...

    Hafeezur Rahman
    ISC & IRC Gold member

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    mainly these pimples are caused by the intake of oil foods. Pimples are something like fats. To get rid of them you need to avoid all oily and fatty foods. Of course saying is more easy but try to avoid them. Drink more and more water, this brightens up your skin. This is from my own experience i am suggesting you.

    Daily morning rub your face with ice cubes this will have good results... ALL THE BEST

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    Piles means dilated veins either inside rectum & anus (internal piles) or outside of the anus (External piles).
    Types of Piles
    • External piles-
    These cause more pain but cause less bleeding.
    • Internal piles –
    These cause more bleeding than external piles.
    A combination of the 2 intro-external types is seen more commonly.
    Causes & risk factors
    • Junk food
    • A sedentary lifestyle
    • Lack of exercise,
    Constipation is one of the major cause of piles. Avoid nonveg spicy and oily items, fast food.

    . Bitter gourd, guargum, green leafy vegetables contain a lot of fibres. Fibre content makes stools softer. Use whole wheat to make rotis. Eat a lot of salad, fruits
    . Fibre content helps in chronic constipation and haemorrhoids.(piles)
    . Relieves constipation by increasing the motility of the gastrointestinal tract
    . S0 bitter gourd juice is useful in piles.
    Read -
    Bitter gourd and piles
    . Triphala Guggulu is useful.
    Read -
    Ayurveda Triphala

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