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    Food Habits for Piles

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I wanted a complete diet chart or food suggestion for a piles patient.Thanks in advance.
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    . Avoid Constipation and Stress.
    • Eat green vegetables & a lot of fibres. This will make stools softer & there will be less pain in piles & fissures.
    • Avoid spicy food, non-vegtarian food. Non-vegtarian food contains less fibres. Fibres make it easy to pass stools. Use whole wheat to make rotis.
    . Avoid junk food - bread, wafers, kurkure,etc.
    . Eat a lot of salad, fruits like banana, mango, orange. Prefer to eat whole fruit rather than drinking juice. This again gives you a lot of fibres.
    . Bitter gourd is good for piles.
    . Read my resource on piles & bitter gourd
    . You can use Isab-gol in lukewarm water at bedtime
    . You should eat food rich in iron like almonds, figs, dates, apple, etc to prevent anaemia as you will be losing blood through stools

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    Avoid Vegetable having seeds, Drink Maximum of water and Juice. Eat lot of salads
    Rgds & love,
    Bharti member

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    Hi Aswini,

    * Daily drink lemon juice making it boil and let cool then drink later...

    * Drink water as much as you can daily

    * Try to eat Salad, Vegetables and Green leaves items

    * Eat any one fruit per day

    * Banana also good for it

    * Butter and Butter milk items are good too.

    Nothing to worry...worry creates more problems physically and mentally.

    Hafeezur Rahman

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