Please help me solve the assignment For Advertising.

Q.1 a) How will the role of advertising differ when the product involved is a consumer packaged product instead of a consumer durable? How will it differ for a retailer and an industrial advertiser? What part of the marketing program will advertising be assigned to in each case?

b) Consumers will soon be able to purchase prerecorded videodiscs and engage in two-way communications via cable television systems. What are some of the implications of these developments for advertisers?

Q.2 a) Examine a direct mail promotional piece you (or somebody you know) has recently received. Look at every element of the package, and discuss its role in promoting consumer action.

b) Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the different consumers promotions techniques with respect to alternatives of (a) getting trial from new consumers, (b) holding (retaining) present customers, and (c) building brand image.

Q. 3 a) Evaluate the judgment of a brand manager of Budweiser beer who decides that the goal of his advertising should be to remind people of the brand.

b) What is the “great idea” concept? Identify some campaigns that would qualify. Attempt to specify a set of DAGMAR objectives that might apply. Is the DAGMAR approach inconsistent with the hope of obtaining a truly brilliant creative advertising campaign?

Q.4 a) Do people first from beliefs and then attitudes, or the reverse? Do people change attitudes before changing behavior?

b) Can you expand the list of seven positioning strategies mentioned in the text?

Q.5 a)Recall advertisements that use the concept of closure . Were they, in your opinion, more effective because of it? Why? What is the difference between closure and contrast?

b) Compare and contrast of benefit, belief, attribute, and cognition.

c) A transformational ad must “ring true”. Must it have literal believability? You should not use transformation advertising for avoidance products such as oven cleaners. Do you agree?

Q.6 Doggie Dip and Do
Darla Domke had always been an animal lover. Early in Life Darla wanted to become a veterinarian, but unfortunately she found the science classes a little too challenging. Still, she wanted to work with pets, especially dogs, if at all possible. Eventually an idea came to her, a new business called Doggie Dip and Do.

Darla’s Dip and Do is a full-service dog shelter. An owner can have a dog’s hair groomed and nails trimmed; in the summertime, the dog can be dipped in a solution that provides flea and tick protection. The shelter also offers a dog kennel for owners who are on vacation or out of town. Inside the store various fog products are sold, including foods, medicines, collars, chewing bones, and other treats.

Darla’s main worry was consumer awareness. Her store is located in a convenient shopping plaza on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. There are clearly enough potential customers in the Atlanta area to support her business, but they need to know about all of the products and services that Doggie Dip and Do offers.

There were other challenges. Another issue was finding ways to reach potential Doggie Dip and Do customers efficiently. Clearly a large number of people in Atlanta area owned dogs, and many knew what a “doggie dip” was. Still how could she steer them to her retail outlet?

Darla believed it would be worth her while to spend $40,000 on advertising in the first year. She took out a loan to help finance what she thought of as “start-up advertising expenses.” Her first thought was to simply hire a television station to create ads. After visiting with a local marketing professor, she decided it would be better to spend money on several media. Her choices were to try to figure out an advertising campaign on her own or hire a local advertising agency. Clearly money was the biggest obstacle.

Darla decided her ads should emphasize her love for animals. Customers should believe they were going to find quality dog products and be greeted by employees who genuinely care about the dog as well as the pet’s owner.

1. Should Darla hire an external agency or do the promotional work her self? Justify your answer.
2. Should Darla focus on television ads, or are there additional choices? What are they?
3. Prepare a creative brief for a year long Doggie Dip and do advertising campaign.