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    Which is the best mobile in the range Rs 5000-6000 ?

    Which is the best mobile in the range Rs 5000-6000 ?
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    Hi friend,
    In the range of 5 to 6k. Lots of mobile are available in market. Lets see here i am giving you a list of model according to price. And remember price will be vary with the place and shop.
    NOKIA - 6101 Rs.7,700
    -Samsung X630 Rs.7,400
    - SonyEricsson K510i Rs.7,200
    - SonyEricsson Z530i Rs.7,100
    - LG - S5000 Rs.6,990
    -Samsung X660 Rs.6,400
    -Samsung X650 Rs.6,200
    -NOKIA - 6070 Rs.6,000
    -Samsung X640 Rs.6,000
    -LG - C2500 Rs.5,990
    -Samsung X620 Rs.5,800
    -SonyEricsson K300i Rs.5,200
    -Samsung X300 Rs.5,100
    -NOKIA - 3220 Rs.5,000
    -NOKIA - 6020 Rs.5,000
    -NOKIA - 6060 Rs.4,700
    -Panasonic X100 Rs.4,700
    -Samsung X210 Rs.4,700
    -Samsung X200 Rs.4,400
    -Samsung C230 Rs.4,300
    -NOKIA - 6030 Rs.4,000
    I hope you will got solution now.And it's better you go for nearest shop for exact price.


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    Sony Ericsson S312 is a good option for you. It's having 2MP cam, mp3, wap support. The price is about Rs.6200 including data cable, 1GB memory card and charger.

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    Hi friend ,

    Planning to buy a new cell !! Its good that you have mentioned the range which suits you. Well i would suggest you
    the name of two cells that satisfies all your needs . That is , your range criteria and the best of all.

    Nokia 7210 Supernova


    Sony Ericsson W350i

    Both these cells costs Rs. 5000( approximately).

    W350i is a sleek-slim mobile phone , embedded with the dedicated "muzik" keys on the top of the keypad.
    Moreover this is a limited edition cell designed in the IPOD format,which supports memory card expandable upto 4gb.
    By default it comes with 1 gb card,which is more than sufficient and rest depends upon you...

    It is a music edition cell having 3-D sound surround which makes listning to the music even more pleasent...
    and the quality of its headphone is marvellous.

    It is also embedded with 1.3 mp camera and a specially dedicated lock key just like an IPOD.

    For screen-shots and exact details visit :

    And the former: Nokia 7210 supernova , it is the rejuvinated version of Nokia 7210 in the Supernova form.
    All the features of 7210 plus more are uploaded in this concise and cost - effective cell.

    Probably the best cell for surfing the net ,which feels like the world is too short to surf and is just a click
    away . You can stay connected with your friends anywhere , anytime .

    It also supports maximum softwares , so it can often work like a mini palm top.

    Embedded with 2mp camera and 1 gb memory card (upto 4 gb) is a boon to the Supernova.

    please visit:


    If you are a music lover than go for W350i



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    Before you buy anything, no need to be clear what features you are looking for. First of all, list out the features which you want to be present in a mobile set which you carry. After defining your requirements you are ready to search mobile in market. As you have mentioned your budget is around Rs. 5000 to 6000. Next point is whether you like to go for all big brand products.

    If you are really interested in big brands like Sony Ericsson and Nokia then honestly you will end up in paying more and getting less featured mobile. If you are ok with other brands like Motorola, Samsung, LG then you can get more featured mobile like mobile with a camera of higher mega pixels, mp3 player, radio, data cable, memory card, stylish look, light weight body, shock proof and many more that too within your budget.

    The important thing I like to bring into your notice that, whichever brand mobile you purchase, it will be handy and fashionable only for short period of time. Technology keeps on changing every day. So in such kind of investment you have to very choosey. Try to buy more featured mobile whenever you plan to purchase it. Don't always carried away by big brands, they incur extra money from there customer just for there brand name sake.

    I suggest you to visit nearby mobile showroom and compare features yourself. Hope my suggestion will definitely help in getting good featured mobile that too within your budgeted price.

    All the best.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Ratnesh Moghe

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    Well there are so many phones in this range ill give it below

    SonyEricsson K300i Rs.5,200
    SonyEricsson S302 RS.5,767
    SonyEricsson F305 Rs.6,058
    SonyEricsson W205 Rs.4,904
    SonyEricsson W395 Rs.7,211
    SonyEricsson S312 Rs.5,000
    Nokia :
    NOKIA 6070 Rs.6,000
    NOKIA 3220 Rs.5,000
    NOKIA 6020 Rs.5,000
    NOKIA 6060 Rs.4,700
    NOKIA 6030 Rs.4,000
    NOKIA 6303c Rs.6,635
    NOKIA 5130 xpress music Rs.5,240
    NOKIA 7210 Rs.4,700
    NOKIA 3120c Rs.7,190
    NOKIA n72 Rs.7,500
    LG C2500 Rs 5,990
    LG S5000 Rs 6,990
    LG KF310 Rs 7,140
    LG KM710 Rs 7,200
    LG KS360 Rs 7,500
    Samsung X210 Rs.4,700
    Samsung X200 Rs.4,400
    Samsung C230 Rs.4,300
    Samsung X660 Rs.6,400
    Samsung X620 Rs.5,800
    Samsung X650 Rs.6,200
    Samsung X640 Rs.6,000
    Samsung X300 Rs.5,100
    Samsung M2710 Rs.5,673
    Samsung B2100 Rs.5,700
    Motorola ZN300 RS 6,923
    Motorola ZN200 RS 5,865
    Motorola EM30 Rs 4,808
    Motorola A810 Rs 4,327
    Motorola L7i RS 5673
    Motorola RAZR V3 RS 4,826
    Motorola RAZR V3i RS 7,249
    Motorola Pokr E6 Rs 5,769
    Motorola Q8 Rs 5,500
    Motorola U9 Rs 6,595

    You can buy any one of these above phone all of them are good at their technologies.
    All the best
    Anudeep Alli

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    where can i buy lg ks360 in bangalore for about Rs 7k??

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    Karbon k770 it has the features like:

    GSM 900/ 1800
    Dual SIM dual standby single working
    GPRS Class 12
    MP3 player
    Bluetooth A2DP
    Voice Recorder
    FM Radio
    Background Sound changer
    3.2 Mega pixels Auto Focus
    Video Player
    3D Menu effect

    I bet you will like it.


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    There are so many models in the price range you have specified. But I would suggest you go for Nokia 5130 Xpress Music. This is one of the xpress music series models from Nokia which gives great sound and music quality too. With 4 hours of video playback, one can watch a mini movie too. (The phone comes with a TV connector option). The memory can be expanded upto 2GB.

    This being a festive season, I am sure, you could get this model at a real good offer price. To check out the features and reviews of Nokia 5130, click here


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    first thing nokia is best model in india.
    Nokia model no is 5130C-2 is best.
    It is express music edition and model is good.

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