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    Black spots caused by pimples

    How to remove black spots caused by pimples and how to make the skin glow?

    Please give me names of any face wash or products

    Thank you
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    Pimples is a common problem during adolescence. It occurs due to hormonal changes, excess oily skin, etc.
    Cleaning of face is must.

    1. The most important points are

    a. Hygiene and

    b. Preventive skin care.

    Regular washing of the affected areas with mild soap is a must. The soap should not contain any strong chemicals designed to prevent pimples . However, excessive face wash is harmful as it will make skin dehydrated.
    Consult a dermatologist for removal of black spots. Now newer Rx like
    1. Lasers,
    2. Dermabrasion ( surface of the epidermis of the skin -the stratum corneum- is removed) ,
    3. Chemicals are available.

    . Make sandalwood paste with rosewater & apply over scar. Leave for whole night. Then wash

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    The pimples are the common problem among the youngsters. Everyone gets pimples during their adolescent age due to hormones.
    Some other reasons for pimples are as follows:

    1. Due to oily skin.
    2. Dirty skin also cause pimples.
    3. Not removing makeup before going to bed.
    4. Due to genetic cause.
    5. Breaking or rubbing the pimples.
    6. Dandruff in head may also cause pimples in face.

    The remedies for removing pimples and its scars:

    1. Wash your face frequently and keep it clean always.
    2. Don't eat oily foods.
    3. Drink lots of water.
    4. Apply a mixture of neem leaves and turmeric powder, leave it for half an hour and wash it.
    5. Don't break or rub the pimples because if the liquid from it spreads on other part of your face then you will get pimples there too.

    To remove scars:

    1. Apply sandal wood powder mixed with rose water leave it over night and wash it in the morning.
    2. Apply turmeric powder mixed with curd if you have oily skin or use milk if you have dry skin.
    3. You can also go for laser treatment for removing scars.
    4. If you are looking for a good face wash to remove scar then try using Himalayas neem face wash.
    5. Dandruff in head may also cause pimples so use white pepper powder mixed with curd for removing dandruff.

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    Hi Sac,

    clean your skin with Lemon daily. Those will black spots and works as a bleaching agent to make your skin glow.

    You may consider doing bleach for your skin. It will cost you less than Rs. 30 if you do at home. But, it doesn't suit all skin types. So, take care while using it. Also see that id doesn't touch your hair. Apply it like a face pack and keep it for 30 minutes. You will see instant glow over your face and also the black spots will decrease considerably.


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