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    Cough problem for 1 week

    I have cough problem from last one week . i am using Cough syrf (Benadryl) and warm water but not getting relax. plz tell me some effectfull solution
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    Hello Santraj Kumar Singh,

    Cough is pretty common problem now a days as it is monsoon and next is winter season.You must be careful with the surroundings.Just use precautionary methods while you go out.As a dreadful disease swine flu is spreading faster just check it out.

    As you are suffering from cough, just use another cough syrup like D-cold.First go for Natural methods like Try eating Tulasi leaves, they will show a great effect on the cough.Just Keep a clove in your moth but don't chew.

    Just follow these methods and I`m sure you will have a great result.If you still have this problem then just consult a doctor and please go for swine flu tests.

    Best Regards,

    Best Regards,

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    Cough is an important symptom of respiratory tract problem.
    Cough & cold are common problems nowadays as it is rainy season and next is winter season. Atmospheric pollution, allergic cough also contributes to it.
    Upper respiratory tract infection & pharyngitis are the common culprits. Infection spreads easily from person to person through droplets. This is more common at crowded places.
    Just answer following questions -
    . Whether you have dry cough or you get sputum also? If its dry, don't worry much. Viral respiratory tract infections are common & generally resolve in 5-7 days. One has to take symptomatic Rx - antipyretics, pain killers, cough syrup,etc.
    . Is there associated fever, weight loss, loss of appetite,etc? If yes, visit a physician to rule out TB
    . Do you have any past history of TB? Don't worry because I am asking about TB. TB is generally suspected when patient has cough for about 3 weeks with sputum, evening rise of fever, weight loss, etc
    . Is there any difficulty in breathing? This suggests asthma / bronchospasm. Antihistaminics, steroid inhalers may help in this case.
    . Anybody in family, close friends also has cough?
    . Do you have history of allergic cough, bronchitis?
    . Do you smoke? Smoker's get typical cough called as " smoker's cough".
    Many cough syrups are available in market like zedex, bro-zedex, corex,etc. Corex is for dry cough. It can cause constipation if used excessively. Bromhexine is added as mucolytic & is used if one gets sputum. It makes thick secretions less viscous & one can feel more comfortable
    If you have cough for 1 week, its better to get checked by a physician. You might be having respiratory tract infection & may need antibiotics like erythromycin, azithromycin, amoxicillin,etc. Upper respiratory tract infections get cured earlier as compared to lower respiratory tract infection.
    Have you visited any foreign country recently? As swine flu is spreading, I am asking this.
    Initially you can try home remedies using ginger, tulsi leaves,etc. Avoid banana, guava.
    For prevention of upper respiratory tract infections, use a face mask, handkerchief when you are in contact with infected person. Do warm saline gargles at night. Its very good for throat & makes one comfortable. You can add antibiotic / disprin to water. Disprin will relieve pain.

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    Hi Santraj

    I would first suggest you to go for a medical check up and as told by my fellow members in the above posts, go for a swine flu check up too. I think that instead of using cough syrups you should go for a ayurvedic treatment. The word treatment is actually too big to describe what i am going to tell you about. Please don't take cough and cold lightly. It may be due to bad weather, bio pollution, or things like that but it may be a bad news also (i wish it is not) because sometimes cough and cold for a long time can be actually tuberculosis.


    You will need ginger, mishri, ghee, and tulsi leaves.

    Crush 10-20 grams of ginger. Take around 20-30 grams of mishri, 5-7 spoons of ghee and about 10 tulsi leaves. If possible add half teaspoon of water, to reduce the harsh taste but if you can tolerate, then don't.

    Mix all of them, give a stir fry and eat and eat it.

    Note: Do not drink water for half an hour, even if you think that it was too hot.

    Another thing that you can try is having fried bananas.


    Take 4-5 bananas, about 50-60 grams of ghee and stir fry, and eat.

    Note: Do not drink water for half an hour, even if you think that it was too hot.

    Hope you get well soon.

    Thank you.
    Lead Editor: Ask Experts, ISC

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    You may resort to some of these remedies to get rid of your cough.

    1. Take some garlic.
    2. Peel them off.
    3. Mash them up so as to make a very rough paste like thing.
    4. Add two to three spoons of Ghee( Pure cow butter).
    5. Some amount of sugar candy.
    6. Fry everything in a pan for about 5 minutes.
    7. Let it cool for 6 minutes and then eat it.

    I am sure if you do this three times a day, within three days you will find yourself into a much better state.

    Best Regards,
    Brijesh Singh

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