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    Bad effects of using mobile phones

    What type of problems we can face due to using of mobile phones a long time.
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    There are many problems one may face if mobile phones are used for a long time. They generate some radiation which will have a impact on our brain.

    Following things can reduce problems.

    Do not talk when battery is about to get discharge ...because it would generate upto 10 times more radiation

    Make a pratice to talk through left ear.

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    In our day to day life, mobile phone has become mandatory. We can’t imagine our life without cell. It has numerous advantages. Every product has pros and cons. We also have many disadvantages with mobiles. Most important thing, when we use it in a proper way, there are very less bad effects. No significant health effect has been demonstrated from mobile phone radiation at normal exposure levels.

    When the device is over used every time, the disadvantages come into picture. The electromagnetic radiations coming out from cell phones are very harmful to human health. Cellular phones even cause some very dangerous diseases like brain cancer, neurological effects or reproductive effects, ear defects, headaches, infertility, blurring of vision,

    We can’t stop using mobile phones. So, what all we have to do is minimizing the absorption of harmful electromagnetic radiations. Follow some tips to avoid adverse effects.

    ? Don’t use the mobile phone when there is less charging. During less charging, the radiations are double the normal.

    ? Don’t use the mobile phone when there are fewer signals. During fewer signals, the radiations are 5 times more than normal.

    ? Try to use the earphones rather than talking directly. They will keep distance between your ear and mobile phone.

    ? Don’t use the mobile while charging.

    ? Get the Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) value of your mobile. Choose the mobile with lowest SAR value. SAR value is the measurement to radio wave emissions. You can test the SAR of Nokia mobile from this website. Get Nokia SAR value

    ? Don’t use the phone for longer time. If you have to, frequently shift the phone to left and right ears.

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    Mobile phones have two sides one is positive and other one has negative effects. If we use mobile properly then it has positive effects. Mobile rays has many bad effects on human body it causes brain cancer, neurological effects . Though nowadays mobile is like part of our life it have bad effects on nature as sparrows are loosing their life.

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    Mobile phones are now not only phones but they are being used for multiple works.

    Radiation effect is one everyboby highliting,but more than that unsafe ways of using cell phones will effect very seriously.

    So to avoid bad effects,please follow the following,

    1.Use only when it is absolute necessity.
    2.Try using for messaging whenever it is adequate.
    3.Don't mix driving and cellphoning.
    4.Whenever possible use land phone than mobile.
    5.Don't encourage children to use cellphone more.

    always confident

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