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    What type of Food items to improve my skin color

    Will the type of food that we take really affect the color of my skin. What type of foods are preferable to improve the Shining of my skin.
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    Fresh fruits helps to tone your skin. Eat fruits more.
    Apply milk cream to skin and wash after 15 minutes.
    It improves complexion.
    Also you can apply the mixture of carrot and tomato grinded.
    Applying coconut oil before going for bath. Leave for ten minutes.Then use soft soaps for bathing. These will surely improve your skin tone and beauty. Do these regularly!

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    The skin consist a protein melanin which causes pigmentation, the shining or lusture of the skin is also lost by sun rays. Add lycopene in your diet which is an anti oxidant and help to maintain lusture. It is present in colored fruits and vegetables like tomato, water melon etc. You can see the detail here. Lycopene for skin care
    Dr. Sanjeev

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    To improve your skin colour you should go for a balanced diet which is rich in Vitamins & Minerals and plenty of water. You should also avoid taking fatty vegetables and fatty proteins.

    Dry fruits like Almond,Walnut,Apricot,Pista,etc will help you to bring a glow & lustre to your skin. My advise is to take Apricot daily in the morning before taking breakfast since i helps you to rejuvenates the skin because of its Vitamin A effect. It contains polyunsaturated fats and is very good for skin. You can also make a face pack using apricot will smooths away the wrinkles and give you a glow and lustre.

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    Green Vegtables can only make your skin as you like .
    Eat vegetable salat as you can

    Smoking and drinking may be a drawback for it.
    So avoid it.

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    Hello my buddy
    i think you take more care about your skin , so only you asked this question.
    In my view you should take light foods.If you take light foods you can maintain both weight and beauty.Even if you take milk every morning you can maintain can use dal powders to avoid pimples on your face.You should maintain a diet system and make atable how to eat and make a time table and do according to it. still there are many measure to maintain beauty.
    thank you

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    If you are a non-vegetarian you can eat Fish. It improves the skin texture. Have raw carrots and beetroot which actually improves blood in teh body by which skin will glow. Have fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid pickles, papads and fried foods. Drink lots of water.

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    yes it will affect. the most of the sskin problems are due to the heat contain of the body so as cooler the temperatuure of your body as shiny your skin is.

    to make the temperature cool u need to have a vegitable food
    that is the best option to make shiny.

    other than that the fruits also improve colour of skin.
    so have a fruits like bananna,apple,coconut water,orange

    have a nice day


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    The first thing that gets you noticed is your face and therefore it is very important to stay healthy to keep it looking young, fresh and attractive. A smart skin care routine should include the basics of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and adequate sleep with a healthy balanced diet to help you reflect this on your face.
    True beauty is beyond just maintaining a beautiful complexion and looking healthy through cosmetics. It has more to do with glowing skin that radiates freshness and vitality because the person is in good health. For maintaining beauty, complexion and youthful good looks, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and great skin-care habits.
    Maintain a balanced diet and restrict your intake of refined food, like sugar,white breads which can drain the body of essential vitamins and minerals. This leads to wrinkles and premature aging of the skin and is best avoided. The key to maintaining a youthful and beautiful complexion lifelong is to consume food rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. This means lots of fruits, vegetables and fish and - eight glasses of water daily – to eliminate toxic waste and hydrate the skin
    Regular exercise helps to supply more oxygen to your skin cells, leaving the skin nourished and more firm while also reducing stress that can show on your skin in the form of fine wrinkles,crow's feet and bagginess around eyes.It also leaves you mentally recharged and refreshed which automatically reflects on your well being.

    Cleanse, tone and moisturize twice daily with products that are gentle on your skin and yet adequately hydrate your skin and leave it feeling supple and smooth.

    Choose products with natural vitamins and minerals, which contain the level of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) needed for going out in the sun .For Indian sun, an SPF of 15 and above is recommended. Limiting sun exposure is very necessary for those wanting to increase the youthful appearance of their skin as this is one major factor for causing premature aging and skin discoloration while also increasing your risk of skin cancer. Liberally applying sunscreen 20 minutes before leaving for the outdoors and reapplying every 4 hours there after is thus advised.
    Almonds are natural moisturizers since they contain high dosage of vitamin E and oil extracted from almonds is used for treating dark circles and excessively dry skin.
    VITAMIN A-this maintains integrity of skin . Beta carotene is the active form of vitamin A accumulates in the skin and provides protection against sun damage. Good source of this carotenoid includes carrots, papaya, mango, spinach, sweet potato, broccoli, watermelon and tomatoes.
    B-complex vitamins – good sources include meat, poultry, whole grains, banana, fish, eggs.
    Vitamin C – it helps to maintain collagen which acts as a supporting structure for the skin. Good sources include citrus fruits and vegetables like orange, lime, lemon, guava, indian gooseberry, strawberries and green and red peppers.
    Vitamin E – this antioxidant helps to slow down the ageing process, good sources include almonds, leafy vegetables, salmon, , legumes and safflower oil.
    Selenium and zinc – oyster is a very good source of both zinc and selenium, other sources include seafood, soybeans, mushrooms, wheat germ and whole grains.
    Besides having a healthy meal it is very important to drink lots of water in a day to keep the skin well hydrated and maintain its elasticity.

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    As your skin-tone is based on your genetics, which then are based on the evolutionary needs of your ancestors. Having said that, many of these factors predetermine your skin pigment for the rest of your life. However, it's been known that long term consumption of Tomatoes can cause skin to redden/bronze because of the beta carotene overload in your system. However, my understanding is that this effect lasts for only as long as the beta carotene surplus is in effect and is not permanent.

    Having said that, blushing is both a psychological and physical response; while over-blushing may be a symptom of another underlying condition.

    Frequent cardiovascular exercise, as it increases blood-flow around your system, may produce an effect for some individuals leaving them with a slightly more flushed complexion. This maybe the most reasonable long term solution for your question.

    Hope this helps!
    Jablonski, Nina G., and George Chaplin (2002). "Skin deep." Scientific American 287 (4) (October): 74-82.

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    This is out of my experience.

    1) Wash your face in bore water.
    - Since bore water contains salt, it enriches the vitamins in skin and gives natural color.
    2) Use Olive oil and massage the skin.
    3) Drink plenty of water.

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    Good Day Everyone

    To have good complexion we need to eat lots of fruits and vegetable. We should avoid fried food. And one thing whihc is very much important would be drinking plenty of water. Water removes the toxins that deposits and cause black heads and pimples.


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    You should add more fluid in your diet by incorporating fruit and vegetable salads,Drinking lot of water.Eating fruits & vegetables like aonla,oranges,lemon water,sweet lime,papaya,cucumbers,tomatoes are good for improving skin glow.

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    For improving skin colour the foremost important factor is diet.I have myself experiencef it so telling.Diet is something which can make or break your skin.

    So some important points which I would like to share with you are given below:
    1.Have ounce of walnuts and almonds early in the morning.It helps to keep skin rejuvinating and young.
    2.Avoid cold water and go for warm water.It helps remove toxins from the body.
    3.Avoid fast food completely for maintaining good skin.
    4.Go for yoga.You will feel the difference within 1 month.

    May this help you!

    ISC member

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