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    Eye sight power is increasing

    My eyesight power is going on increasing from 3.25 negative.. how should i stop this increasing power.. I am 22 years .. is there is any medicine or natural treatment to increase my eyesight..
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    Eyesight power in negative increases up to a certain age, after that it becomes constant. generally, at the age of 22-23, it becomes constant, but in some cases it may go on increasing till the age of 25.

    It is difficult to decrease eyesight through natural remedies. You can go for a laser surgery after consulting to a specialist.
    But, you can keep your eye healthy, and can avoid further increase in glass power by following certain things.

    1. Avoid excess of tea/coffee.
    2. Get a good sleep at night for at least 6 to 8 hours.
    3. Have a healthy diet. Vitamin A rich foods are good for eyesight. Carrot, Milk, Spinach, and other green leafy vegetables are good for eyes.
    4. Do not sit in front of computer for a long time.
    5. Do not watch TV for long time. Keep a distance of minimum 6 feet while watching TV.
    6. Drink plenty of water.
    7. Do some exercises for eyes. Sit in a dark place and close your eyes in your palms(crossed) and stay like that for 5 minutes.
    Roll your eyeballs from right to left, up and down for ten times.
    and do again in other direction.
    Look at some green object like plants for sometime in the morning.
    Take clean water in your palm and deep your eyes and close and open the lids for sometime.

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    Hello saranya

    I had also the same problem few years back. I am wearing spectacle since Class 12. From then my number increase from (-0.5) to (-2.75). But after taking precautionary measures and healthy diet + medicine my number is controlled to (-2) and is now constant.

    Helpful Tips

    • First of all regularly wear glasses(I made this mistake)

    • Always go to a good eye doctor for the checkup.

    • Eat fruits rich in vitamin A content like papaya, carrots, drink milk regularly

    • Take extra supplements through milk by consulting your doctor

    • Wash your eyes regularly with cold water within 2-3 hrs

    • Go for morning walk as it is very good for eyes

    • Do yoga for 5-10 min at least

    • If you have CRT monitors at home use anti glare screen. CRT monitors are very harmful for eyes

    These all my personal experiences. Well this much I can tell you as I am not an expert.

    Hope this will prove helpful to you and all other people out here.




    Akhil Soni

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    Having minus power means you are myopic ( Near sightedness) . Near sightedness means people who have good near sight but defective long sight. I need a little more information.

    . Whether your parents, brother, sister also have myopia? If parents are myopic, its more likely that children will also have myopia
    . Generally power stabilizes after age of 22 years. SO HOPEFully your power will stabilize now. In some cases, it may increase even after 22-23 years of age.
    . Follow these tips-
    . You start using glasses regularly. If you don't want spects, try contact lens ( CL). So many varieties are available- soft, semisoft, cosmetic CL, etc. cosmetic CL are available in various colors to suit your iris color.
    . Eat a lot of salad, green vegetables, food rich in vitamin A - papaya, mango, carrot etc. This will improve general eye health
    . you can undergo LASIK surgery to reduce power once power stabilizes. Get your retina checked to rule out any retinal disease. I have given answers in " Ask Expert" section about LASIK questions -
    How to decrease glass power

    LASIK treatment

    . Watch TV with room light on from a distance of > 6 ft.
    . Use antiglare screen for PC / Use glasses with antiglare coating. " Crizal" lenses come with antiglare coating
    . Use minimum brightness of PC screen. Use less bright colors.
    . Try to avoid PC USE more than 8 hours / day
    . Take break after every 45 min - 1 hour. Look at distant object & blink
    . Work in adequate room light
    . Use bigger fond size while working
    . Wash eyes with cold water 4 times a day
    . Close eye after every 45 min for 3-4 min. & keep your palms on eyes. Relax.

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