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    Who is Lord Ganesha's Wife?

    Who is Lord Ganesha's Wife?
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    Siddhi and Buddhi are two wives of Lord Ganesha
    according to mythology they are daughters of Bramha Dev,both chose Ganesha as their husband in swayamwar and went with lord to spend whole life with Him.

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    Siddi and Buddi are wifes for lord vinayaka.


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    Ganesha actually has two wives, Riddhi and Siddhi. Riddhi/Buddhi and Siddhi are the two beautiful daughters of Vishwabrahma. Representing knowledge (Riddhi/Buddhi) and perfection (Siddhi).

    The myth implies, one who want to get both these qualities, must adopt all the virtues of Lord Ganesha in his/her life.

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    Though Lord Ganesha was not actually married to anyone and was a bachelor, according to the puranas, he had two wives named Siddhi and Buddhi (prosperity and progress) given by Brahma and Saraswathi. Since he was not looking good and had a elephant head, according to puranas, Brahma created two beautiful girls and gave him.

    According to some other traditions, Lord Ganesha was considered to be a bachelor and Siddhi and Buddhi are his sisters.

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    Riddi and siddi are considered to be the two wives of lord ganesha, however some still consider ganesha as a bachelor and worship him

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    Ridhi and Sidhi are wives of Loard Ganesha.

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    Two wives Riddhi & Siddhi (Prosperity & Progress) given by Brahma & Saraswati.Since he had difficulty in getting married and he was not good looking because of elephant-head.Therefore,Brahma created two beautiful girls and gave him two instead of one.

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