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    Do women make better administrators ?

    Do women make better administrators ?
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    yes. women do make better administrators. If they can manage homes more effectively than men, they can very well manage our country better. Also women can be more judicious than men.

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    Women are obviously efficient and better administrators than men. Because women are known as home managers and if they can manage their homes then obviously they can for sure manage an office efficiently. All they do is plan efficiently.

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    Hello friend,

    I personally agree with the statement that women are better administrators than men. Looking from the day to day activities to the various professional jobs women seem to be more systematic and perfect in administration.

    We can take the example of normal women in India that is a 'housewife'. She possess such quality management skills that she is capable enough to mange the whole house. With a single payment she manages all the bills, ration, shoppings and other expenditure. Men do earn but they hand it over to their better halves as they know that the women can very well manage the house.

    Secondly, when we look at the male students and female students we find more sincerity among the girls towards their studies. Their books, projects and homeworks are well managed as compared to the guys. the lectures are very attentively attended by the girls as compared to the boys. Assignments, reports etc, are very well prepared by the girls while the boys give a least concern to such activities. these all show that women are better administrators.

    these days if we look into the civil services toppers we find that girls are no more less than the boys. This years IAS first two toppers were among the girls. This is a proof for their great administration skills. Our President Mrs. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil is holding the top position in the country. It is very much evident from the above facts that from root to the top women excel in administration as compared to men.

    "By silence I conceal my imperfections and come to know others."

    Rohit Mian.

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    Yes, women also are better administrators. But, we do not prefer the administrators like Rabri Devi etc.
    When she was the CM of Bihar, every one knows that her husband Sri Lalu Yadav operated from behind the scene.
    We should prefer real administrators from women, not the dummies.

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    Yes, women are better administrators. These we do expereince in our day to day activities in home, schools, office, politics, etc. It is because of several limitations and restrictions that are implied on women, they are not given an opportunity to come forward and exhibit their talent in administration. Inspite of all these restrictions there are quite a lot of women who have proved their mentle in administration. My opinion is that if equal opportunity is given women will prove to be better administrators than their counterpart.

    Women are better administrators because of their communication skills, commitment to the work, and patient handling of the co-workers.

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    It depends on person.
    How can we say women make better administrator?


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