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    Technical analyst of stock markets

    what course do i have to pursue for becoming a technical analyst of stock market
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    Hi Mahesh,

    There is no specific course for becoming a technical analyst. You should have good knowledge of financial markets and Statistics.
    Technical analysis is based on following things:

    > Average moving price of particular scripts, that is done on the basis of few days analysis i.e. 15, 30, 45, 60 days price movement of shares.

    > How many shares traded at what price, the basic funda is that if a stock trade between certain range for many days then maximum number of shares own by investors would be in same range and there will be very less chances of share price to go beyond the price range.
    That term is called Technical Support Level on lower side and Technical Resistance Level at higher side.

    Once any share crosses these limit, it will increase or decrease sharply. That term is called breakout.

    MBA - Finance course is best to understand these terminology.


    Keep Rocking

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