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    Ram & Sita

    Is Ram younger than Sita?
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    yes. even lord krishna was also younger than radha ji

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    In this point there are two schools of theory.

    Actually Sita was brought at a very tender age in a box and given to Ravan by one of his friends.He opened it and seen that there is a just born girl in the box. His Guru informed him that if that girl lives in lanka with Ravana,there will be many problems and people will starve for food.Hence Ravana thrown it immediately into water. That box gone with waters and got embbeded in land.When Janaka is in his form, he found that box.

    Hence people say that she was elder to Rama.

    But the secong school says as long as sita was in the box there was no growth anh hence her birth date will be the date Janaka found her.Hence she was younger to Rama.

    So importantpoint here is whether Rama is younger or older to Sita,their principels are so good and every one should follow.


    always confident

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    sitha is 6 months elder than Rama.Whatever it may be They proved to the world that age is not the factor and the harmony between the couple is that which costs alot.
    Every couple should take these both as inspiration.They showed to the world that the greatest relation among all is WIFE AND HUSBAND relation.

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    Yup SIta is 6 months older then Rama...Rama is said to have lived more than eleven thousand years. He married Sita, a six year old girl at the age of thirteen. They lived in Ayodhya for twelve years when Dasharatha proposed to crown Rama heir-apparent. Through the machinations of Kaikeyi, Rama was banished to the woods for fourteen years. For thirteen years Sita was with Rama in the forest. At home and in the forest they led the life of self-control. Sita was abducted by Ravana and kept captive for one year in Lanka. At the end of the fourteenth year Rama rescued Sita killing Ravana and they returned to Ayodhya. Rama was crowned king. Rama thought of consummating their marriage only then, for the purpose of continuing the lineage. Within a year Sita was banished for good on account of some baseless slander against her. Rama never married again. On occasions such as a sacrifice when the presence of the wife was mandatory, he had a golden image of Sita in her place. Rama's long life was a continuous tapas.

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