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    Fasting on Mondays


    I want to know how to fast on Mondays and perform the pooja?
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    Monday is the day of Lord Shiva. Shiva is very fond of Abhisekham. Especially abhisekham on monday of Karthikamasam is very very auspicous.

    In the month of karthika on monday early morning you have to get up and have your bath with cold water.Perform your regular puja in the house and put a oil lamp near the tulasi in the house. Don't take any liquid also and go to a shiva temple and get the abhisekahm performed and pray the God with a plain heart.

    On that day don't take any solid food. Now a days people are taking fruit juice and coffee.

    In the evening again have a bath and offer your prayers and observe stars in the sky.After that you can take food.

    This is how we perform pooja on monday of karthik.


    always confident

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    DRRAO sir explained very well about the way how to fast.I will just tell you a few points that he missed,
    1.)Take bath with only cold water and put the oil lamp before sunrise.
    2.)Go to temple and perform the puja,If it is possible put a oil lamp there also.
    3.)coming to the food,It is written in Karthika Puranam that you can eat uncooked food like fruits.
    4.)Avoid buttermilk,coffee,tea as they are all stirred and cooked items.
    5.)In the evening also you take bath with cold water put a oil lamp,look at the stars then you can take food.
    6.)Avoid eating non vegetarian food in karthik


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    Yes, You should take bath and pray the god before sunrise.

    Putting oil lamp in the temple is very good.

    Eating fruits during day time is OK, but if you can stay without taking that will be excellent.

    No nonvegeterian during entire month of karthik is better.


    always confident

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    The Monday is the day of lord Shiva. So if you want to have a fast then please keep fast full day and then at evening make a pooja of the Lord Shiva.


    R Sharma

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    Step 1 - Prayer to Ganapathy by chanting "Om Lakshmi Ganapathaye Namah"

    Step 2 - Start Chanting "Om Namah Shivaya"

    Step 3 - Offer Holy Bath to shiva lingam ( if made of stone or marble ) or offer flowers to lord shiva parvati photo.

    Step 4 - Light 2 lamps ( only if u really cant get lamps u can light candles ) .Light 27 lamps and do a special pooja if you wish to show your love on Lord Shiva.

    Step 5- Every Monday where ever you go what ever you do, even if you are not able to do this pooja, Keep chanting in mind any mantra of Lord Shiva or chant "Om Namah Shivaaya" .."Om Naham Shivaaya." Om Namah Shivaaya"...

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    Of course there are some more points

    1.Eat food which has been submitted to god only,
    2.Drink water only,
    3.Don't eat any other food until temple closes after deeparadhana and athazha pooja
    4.Don't sleep during day time.
    5.Remember Parvathy The wife of lord shiva in your chants

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    monday is meant for lordshiva
    if you want to fast don't have any food
    drink fruit juices
    if you fast on pradhosham it is evenmore good to you.

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    As already mentioned,monday is day of lord Shiva.
    It is also considered as day of moon('MON' is for moon).
    some important points are-
    *take a bathe early morning with fresh water.
    *worship lord shiva by offering milk .
    *chant 'om namah shivay'.
    *keep a fast a only consume milk based,home made food and fruits.
    *try to be calm and spiritual through out the day.
    *avoid indulging in fights or non ethical things.
    *in the evening,place oil lamp in the temple.


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    monday is considered to be lord shiva`s day. when planning to fast for the day, u must decide wether u r planning an all monday fast or the solah( 16 monday fast) other than this, theres special importance of saawan ke somwar, mondays in the month of july. lord shiva is considered to be very innocent n kind hearted, and so easy to please. all of these fasts are very simple n easy. but be it any fast for any lord,u must remember a few points:
    > be pure at heart, do not speak any ill or odd that day
    > wake up early, think of lord shiva, thank him for what he has given u.
    > take a bath, and wear clean clothes.
    > apply vermilion to lord, use flowers,fruits, etc. light diya, and worship lord..with om namah shivay or shiv chalisa.
    > for whole day, keep ur mind pure.
    >remember all fasts are useless if u r not pure at ur heart.
    > keep urself calm, and avoid any debates arguments, ur temper should be normal.
    >u can eat fruits, and drink milk or tea.
    >avoid soft drinks ice creams, the have added salt in it.
    >in the evening, light a diya, offer sweets, flowers, fruits to lord.
    >apply vermilion to lord shiva n his family...godess parvati, son lord ganesha, n offer flowers fruits to them.
    touch their feet, n seek blessings.
    >read katha(story for monday) from the book available in d market.
    >remember different monday fasts have different kathas.
    >end up ur prayer with, jai shiv omkara.
    sing along using arti diya n bell.
    >distribute prashad in family members n then eat urself.
    >eat only pure veg food..dont even use onion or garlic if u r preparing veg...if u plan to eat only falahar..u cant eat grain.
    > u may eat kottu aata poori n aalu sabji.makhane ki kheer, n raita.
    enjoy the treat

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    It is the day of shiva
    get up before suryodaya
    take bath
    do the the poja of shivalinga
    worship lord shiva with bilva
    then do meditation
    after poja drink ma glass of milk
    eat fruits

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    Take bath.
    Go to temple.
    Do not eat anything the whole day.
    If required take only fruit juice.

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    Monday is the day of lord siva.
    So fasting in this day brings us prosperioty, wealth,Peace etc

    You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

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    it is the our culture especially in the time of kartik masam all fasting for sivas blessings

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    Its our culture to fast on mondays, because it is the day specally workshiped for lord shiva.

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    Monday fast is practiced to propitiate Lord Shiva and Parvati. The panchakshara Mantra "Om Namah Shivaya" should be repeated on this day. The Monday fast is up to the third phase.

    There are three types of Monday fast.

    Simple every Monday fast.
    Som pradosh fast
    16 weeks Monday fast.
    The rituals are same for all the three fasting. After doing the Shiva puja the story must be read or heard. The stories of Pradosh fast and 16 Mondays are separate.

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    Monday is a day of Lord Shiva. This is the important day for those girls wish for a good life partner like Lord Shiva.
    The Monday fast start from Shravan month and if you like to continue you can.

    The girl who start the monday fasting definetly she will get the nice husband. This is the real fact.

    From Shravan month on Monday start your vrat and do the pooja of Lord Shiva / Shivling. Wear the white dress or saree and do the milk abhishek on shivling. Make the wish from your heart you will get what you want.

    Lord Shiva is the main Lord from all. not only girls can do the pooja. Anybody can do the Lord Shiv Pooja.

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    Hi keerti,
    there are
    another way to please to God,like search out -
    ~a needy child and try to give him some pleasure
    moment like you can share your clothes,toys,and
    another things with it,
    ~you can also share your knowledge with it
    ~try to help a needy these ways you will really
    please to god ...still you want have fast then i would like to
    remind you that there are more then 32 millions god and goddess
    in Hindus,so monday is not only the day of lord shiva but also monday known as goddess Kali,durga maa day.

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    Will you please explain the full process. That is when we can sleep ?
    Evening after lighting the lamp or the whole day we cannot sleep ?

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