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    What after BBA?

    Can I get job after BBA?
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    Hi Buddy,

    I Suggest to try for a job and then do some MBA or MCA in Executive batches.. Because as for the present market guys with MBA are even not getting the proper job.. So it is better to go for the Job and study which is relevant to your job and then shine in your job carrier..


    Sakthi Ganesh S

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    Oh yes you can get job after BBA but it will consume more time to get well set management position.

    So my sincere advise after having one or two year work experience go for MBA or otherwise you can also look for part time MBA program from institute of repute, to enhance your career opportunity.

    All the best.

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    Hello Friend,
    Yes, you can get jobs after successful completion of BBA course with good ranks. Some institute provides Campus institute. Contact your institute Dean about this type of campus interview or placements.

    But, I recommend you to do any part-time jobs or any online part-time jobs and do your MBA in HR, Finance, Executive, Marketing whatever specialization you are interested in. MBA will make your future brightest than now.

    Anindya (Andy)

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    Hi friend,
    After completed your BBA,you can work as part time or full time in any company to get better experience.otherwise do some part time jobs in internet and learn some additional knowledge.Then if you are poor in English communication,improve your communication,because it is very important to get good job.then do your MBA in any reputed Indian business schools.

    All the best for your better future.

    online jobs/parttime jobs

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    After BBA there are many jobs available But If you do MBA then you will better job. However you can do job at the same time enrole yourself in MBA through distance mode like IGNOU,PTU, or from some management institute

    Best of Luck:

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    Hi Buddy,

    After BBA you are a Graduate now. You can explore various job opportunities but a little advice from me, go for MBA. Though in job you can complete MBA through distance or part time programs but still Direct MBA from a reputed institute carry more value.



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    A BBA degree can open many doors.The types of careers available number in the hundreds

    Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Consulting, Information Systems, Marketing, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, Management, etc. etc.!!!!! Pick and choose my friend, the business world awaits you.

    it also would be best for you to take a masters degree.

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    My dear friend i sincerly advice u to join in ICFAI University as a regular one, if u r student . If u r working personnel then go for flexi programme of this university. It has very good reputation in corporate.

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    After Bba you can get the jobs in many companies. And if you have good programming knowledge. Just apply to the mncs and you will get the job.

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    Hi !
    It is on your choice to go in the following fields after BBA:

    Opting for MBA
    Bank Examinations
    CA preparation
    IAS Examination
    CS preparation
    Study Abroad

    The best option for you is the entrance preparation for MBA i.e. CAT and MAT as it is the extension of what you have studied in BBA. But do opt for good institutes that accept the CAT or MAT score.

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    Its better for u to search job which demand a bba student. Gain atleast 2 years experience and further study mba. Once u completed it, u r sure to have commanding adminstrative post. All the best. Dont waste your time.

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    hi !
    you can go for:
    better you try for some job and do your higher studies in can gain experience that will be useful for u to get an oppurtunity in many companies

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    if u want to get some experiences i feel u must do a job so u may get experience regarding what is needed in the market to stand up. then u can join MBA

    Ram Ratan Maurya.
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    for a undergraduate degree you get job with low salary only.if u want experience in the business field, then go for job.if not better proceed with MBA, go with specialization like hr, finance, product development, marketing. hurry up with mat 2010.
    all the best.

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    hi mate..the obvious choice after BBA according to me is to attain the degree of MBA.This will help you develop the skills that are more valued by the employers as compared to BBA.This will make both your job and future secure.

    Irwan Bajwa

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    hi better to do mba or mca and go for a job

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    Hi Dude, you better go for MBA, get admission in a good college, because this is the time of recession, so better to increase your qualification and education, in the meantime.

    Best of luck.

    Life is full of surprises and compromises!

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    You can go for :
    1. MBA
    2. International Business
    3. Finance
    4. Accountancy
    5. Marketing
    6. Human Resource
    7. Acutaries
    8. CFA
    9. CPA

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    hai binodram you have choosed a nice course after completion of BBA you can get the jobs but only in the BPO industries and call centres if you are interested you can go to jobs if you are not interested you can do MBA in regular college You can do economics based MBA.Or do MBA finance or marketing .best of luck bye

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    I suggest MBA finance or MBA HR. because I’m seeing lot of vacancies for those cores.

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    firstly u search for job and after taking experience either switchover the company, but growth is not good as compare to MBA, so do MBA after taking experience, or just continue with current job,
    its depends on yours satisfaction.

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    in certain job requirements BBA is an essential degree for elligibility.
    A sales represenrative,a junior manager can be BBA degee holder.
    there are certain job openings in bank sector requiring a BBA degree with a good aggregate.
    there are certain entry-level jobs for students with a BBA degree including accounting, consulting, commercial banking, corporate finance, financial investment, insurance broker, commercial banking, real estate sales, and marketing.

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    BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the foundation course of MBA and it relates to management job. You can have job in small scale industry to manage their office, mostly in big industry they choose MBA or equivalent.

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    Seeing the current market scenrio its really difficult to get job only on the basis of BBA. Please go for higher studies.You can prefer MBA

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    Seeing the current market scenrio its really difficult to get job only on the basis of BBA. Please go for higher studies.You can prefer MBA

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    After BBA you can do MBA so that there is no breakage in study time frame. I suggest a University called MIMS in Manipur University where the admission is a bit easy compared to those XLRI or other Giant Management Institute.

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    I will suggest for a one or 2 year job after B.B.A
    & then post graduation

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    Hi Buddy,

    I Suggest to try for a job and then do some MBA or MCA in Executive batches.. Because as for the present market guys with MBA are even not getting the proper job.. So it is better to go for the Job and study which is relevant to your job and then shine in your job carrier..


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    BBA is a mile stone not the destination.
    To reach the destination or target higher level is required .
    It is advisable to have higher qualificition like MBA and super speciality to proove sucess .

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    work in company and get experience and continue with study as part time at home thereafter prepare for mba through cat for iim ahmedabad

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    The part time job can be tried along with admission in MBA. This will accelerate your career in future course of time. Even you can prepare for Bank entrance examination along with your part time job.If you will go only for job and not for further courses, this will not give a growth to your career in the long run.

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    Hi Dear,

    I thought u have to go for CA Preparation.My sis too go for that....
    Because of recession, demand for MBA's go down; but no effect on CA's Profession.
    And also with that u can go for MBA preparation.

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    at this position u can only try for a part time job permanent job is quiet impossible
    About ur future ther are many good opportunities in MBA OR MCA
    U can try these thanku

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    you can certainly apply for jobs now. You can take both state as well as central recruitment exams like UPSC(Union Public Service Commission).
    you can also do MBA or MCA.
    For doing MBA in IIMs you need to take CAT 2010 exam, which will be held during the last week of november.Also you can take other exams like Management Aptitude Test in May this year, to do MBA in other colleges.

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    after BBA,its better if u do MBA.You will be a manager,if u do well.

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    You can look forward for a job or you can try for the following things:
    Human Resource

    But I suggest you better do MBA from a reputed college.

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    you want to know about after the BBA,
    friend you want to turn over the preparation of MBA.
    you have the prepare of cat.
    if want to try job after the BBA. try it
    but it is not enough for, so you try job after MBA.

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