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    History of Naidu's

    Dear Friends,

    I am sakthi Ganesh s,

    I wish to know about the history of Naidu's.
    Please any come up with the better answer..

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sakthi Ganesh S
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    hai sakthi ganesh,
    nadius in other words also called as kapu belongs to tuluva dynasty it was the dynasty in to which late sri krishna devaraya belongs to


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    Naidu is the caste name and the title Naidu is used by people belonging to the Kapu castes in Andhra Pradesh. However during the expansion of the Vijayanagar Kingdom, the title was conferred upon the non-Telugu speaking communities who served as Commanders or Governors in the Vijayanagar Kingdom in Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Hence today we find the widespread usage of the surname Naidu among many non-Telugu speaking communities in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Orissa.

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    The term NAIDU or originally "nayaka" can be traced as early as 7A.D. during the reign of "Chalukyas".No knowledge is available about the usage of word before that.
    Mostly it is used in states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu ;however it is also used in Karnataka,Kerala,Maharashtra and Chattisgarh.
    The word literally means leader or protector.
    It was used in the following contexts:
    # It is used by subcastes namely Kapu,Balija.
    #By village headsman.

    Now a days this surname is inherited by the family and not given under special circumstances as was the earlier case.

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    naidu is one of the oldest community in india and many historians suggests that sri krishna devaraya is the famous king of that community.But there are many more names for this caste like kapu, telega, munneru kapu, balija and naidu. it depends on the region they live. for example telega is the word to represent naidu in guntur district of andhra pradesh.

    In the entire state of andhra pradesh naidu sub caste stands first in number.

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    Hai sakthi ganesh,
    Naidu's are
    Sree chandhra kula, Kshatriya, Gourava, Balinja, Vadugan naidu is the full and detailed name of the community. For full and further details can be obtained from Wikipedia if you type the above full name.
    with regards

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