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    How to reduce lizards in home

    Does anyone know how to reduce or to avoid lizards(reptile) in Houses.
    Its spoiling the home, wall and even the children get scared. sometimes it fall even on the food items. Please if anyone know how to kill or how to get rid of lizards, Please advise.
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    First of all you should ensure that they don't come inside the house. They normally come through open windows and doors. You can use mosquito mesh for the windows. This will ensure that there are no openings and will let the air inside when the windows are kept open. You have a mesh door at the entrance. Now a days you get good looking window meshes (not the old nylon meshes).

    You can get rid of the lizards which are already in your house by spraying HIT on them. They will lie still when this sprayed and you can get rid of them.

    Hope you will have lizard free house soon. Even I am dead scared of lizards.

    Chitra Prakash

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    Thank you for your reply. Hope we can't put that screen for all the windows especially in kitchen.
    Ok let me try and let me know if it goes or not.
    Thank you.

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    keep your house clean and apply pesticide

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    1. keep your house clean.
    2. Prevent them enter in your house.
    3. You can hang Peacock feathers (One or two) on walls.
    4. you can keep egg shells at the corners.
    5. One thing i have observed in my house when we paint our house lizards are run away from house. i think they cant stand chemicals in paint. This is four year back after that last year i found one lizard then i hanged peacock feathers and i didnt see lizard again my house.
    Try this...

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    Even I am scared of lizards.I tried simple tips like

    1.)Putting Egg shells in the lizard prone areas.

    2.)Cleaning the house for a week or two

    3.)If you find any lizard in your house,by using broom,take them out.

    4.)Always spray some roomfreshners in your room.

    By these simple tips I am sure you can get rid of Lizards.

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    keep your home mosquito and insect free.

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    It is necessary to keep your house clean and neat.All the dirt should be removed.You can use spray for removel of lizard.Mat is one of the best options.Now a days many electic instruments of sound creating are also available.

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    Lizards mostly come during rainy season when there is lots of flies and insects are there.
    To avoid lizards
    1.We use some HIT or BAYGON spray.
    2.Use chalk piece for lizard.
    3.Can keep egg shells in frequent places of lizard.
    4.If the lizard is found near tube light tie a piece of paper.
    5.There is a electrical device called LIZARD REPELLENT which will make a strange noise and make the lizard move away from that place.
    Try these and make your kitchen lizard free:-)

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    1.clean your house twice a week
    2.dont store with any vessels or news papers or un wanted items in a same place for a long period.

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    Why do you want to control the lizards in your yard? Lizards are generally beneficial because they eat insects. They can eat good insects as well as bad.
    OK how ever it may be ,here are the tips

    Keep your place clean. A dirty/messy house invites all sorts of pests by providing both food and hiding places for them. If you are providing these things for insects, you are providing food for lizards.
    so You can get rid of lizards by eliminating insect populations on which the lizards feed

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    To avoid lizards...

    You can keep egg shells in most of the corner at home.

    Put some chilli powder in its area and at every corner.

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