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    How to increase immunity power?

    my son is 2 years old ,he is suffuring repeatdly fever can he relif from homiopathy?
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    good decision you have taken
    but choose the right doctor who is doing good practice
    its a very good theropy
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    Repeated fever may be due to different causes, you need to take it as serious and need to respond on it immediately. This may be due to contaminated water or food, as children are much prone to diseases easily you have to think about it. Homiopathy is good option but see a good practitioner, also use boiled water for some days, I think it gives positive result.

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    Increasing immunity is today's biggest need.

    1) Take more of vegetables and fruits.

    2) Uncooked vegetables have more nutrients than the cooked ones.

    3) Fruits also should be eaten raw, grinded fruits loose many nutrients.

    4) Many nutrients are there in the skin of fruits.

    5) Yoga is the best way to achieve immunity. Breathing exercises in yoga does a big change in our body.

    6) The proper breathing can be achieved by breathing exercises which will enable the lungs to take in the maximum oxygen into the blood.

    # Vitamin E is a best rejuvenator.

    # Its best to get our body into shape in the natural way. Avoid medications.

    # Yoga would be best for your body, which heals and maintains your health by strengthening your body and soul.

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    As you told your child is suffering from repeated episodes of fever it is called medically as Relapsed Fever.It is due to infection from several micro-organisms from different sources.So consultation of doctor is utmost important now, because first of all we should know the cause of the fever,and which organism is responsible for it.
    Some people may develop seizures after having many episodes of fever due to affecting central nervous system.Some may cause pneumonia and again some other can go inside the heart and cause heart diseases.

    Blood culture has to be done to rule out this.
    It is curable only if you shown to doctor after having a repetition of fever and before developing a complication from this.

    As your child age is only 2 years please dont use self medication on him because a child's immunity system or resisitive power is not much developed as an adult.

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    Visit a child specialist and complete the entire course recommended by him. Homeopathy works best when you start it fromthe very beginning of a disease as it responds late and good for child as it has no side effects. NUX is a homeopathy dose for cold fever...his mother and other family members should be free from cold and cough also. if he feeds from mother give her good quality CHYABAN PRAS .

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