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    Why to give zakkat

    zakkat means one man give money to poor people. poor people does not compulsory to give. it is only who have enough money to give poor people
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    Yes. If every rich man give zakath to poor people, there will not be any poor in the world. It is 2.5% of his total property.

    Zakat is defined as "A determined portion taken from wealth and allocated to those deserving it, by a Qur'anic injunction." Sometimes Zakat is referred to in the Holy Qur'an as Sadaqah (alms).

    The Qur'an says, "Of their goods take alms, that so thou mightest purify and sanctify them; and pray on their behalf, verily thy prayers are a source of security for them." (Surah Al-Taubah, No.9, Verse: 103). In an authentic hadith, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said to his Companion Mu`adh, when he was sent to Yemen as governor, "Tell them that Allah has made Zakat obligatory for them, that it should be collected from the rich and distributed among the poor."

    Every Muslim who possesses a zakat payable amount (Nisab) for one luner year has to pay Zakat (2.5% of Nisab).

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    Zakath is one of the five basic stones of islam.If you want to compleet your eeman(belife),you must give the zakaath.Zakath shows the sympathical view of islam against poverty.In islamic view,the wealth of a man is not his own,it is fortune from the greatest God.He assign the person as a resiver.Both the poor and rich people are the slaves of poor people have the right to ask his own portian from a rich's wealth.Zakath is not a concession,it is a right of poor people.By implimenting zakath,islam expect to wipe out poverty from the world.It is a compulsory to give 2.5% of wealth in a lunar year for a muslim.

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    Zakath must be given by the rich people to the poor people.

    Rich means one who have his nisab amount for a complete one year.

    Rich must give 2.5% of his nisab amount to the poor.

    Zakat must be given because it is the order of ALLAH to muslims.

    It is one of the five pillars of islam.

    If it is implemented properly,poverty will be eradicated in the society.

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    zakhat is the fourth pillar of Islam.It is must for the person who has wealth in form of cah or gold for more than a year. zakhat is applicable for much and whom to give comes under Nisab.The importance is not keep the money locked inside and making others in trouble. It is to boost the poor comunity people to earn for livlihood.and so much to an individual . next year He should give zakhat . to make healthy and well maintained economy of the people

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    Only the person who is sahib-e-nisab can give zakat.

    Defination of sahib-e-nisab :the person who have 52 & 1/2 tolas of silver or 7.5 tolas of gold or cash money which reached the price of any one of them is considered as sahib-e-nisab.

    He have to sadka 2.5% of the total nisab.

    It is order to give zakat in order of purofication of our wealth and property.

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