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    Home based BPO, KPO or call center jobs

    can anyone help me out on finding a home based BPO, KPO or a call center job? i have heard of people having their own inbound call center jobs and work at home. They are almost like inbound (incoming) call centers, which act as a customer support desk. does any one have any idea about htis? where and whom to contact?
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    Hi Vishnu,

    There are no such genuine inbound calls which can be handled from home. Do not go by fake advices because you may end up answering illegal calls. For any customer support help desk there are lot of parameters to fulfill which may not be possible at your home. This model is not in existence in a successful manner.

    But you can try for outbound calls where you can do sales or set appointments or generate leads. These are more safe and you will have a clear idea of what you are doing. You can go to the website to find these type of jobs.


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    Hello, Mr. K G Vishnu, according me there are no genuine home based bpo or kpo jobs as it is my experience where I had seen many of the companies who are offering these types of jobs charge some fees to become a member of their group and then, after paying them they give your mobile no. in the newspaper advertisements, and after that, as I have seen the ads and paid the charges to them, the people who are interested will pay and you got a small amount of commission for that. There is no types of bpo or kpo's are involved here. As you just receive the calls from the advertisement viewer. And you also need to do the hard task of telling them the address of the office every time where they need to pay or sms the address to them. If you want to try for bpo's then why not you directly go for a walk in interview, there are many companies who gives us oppurtunity to work with them. And if you don't have such information about this companies, you can post your resumes to job seekers site. So better be aware of this type of companies who are charging people for doing nothing.

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    It is not possible.Do not consider any fake reply to your que.

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    Hi, friend
    According to my knowledge there are not a such genuine inbound call and good based BPO or any jobs available. It is not possible, Do not consider any fake reply to your que. As you just receive the calls from the advertisement viewer.

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