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    How to run php program?

    how to install and run the php program?
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    to install php,you need to download it from the php site
    once you are done,please follow the user manual.
    but for beginers, i recommend for learning the php language first.php will reside on a application server, modern IDE like Netbeans has php coding and running facility,and the best thing is you dont have to configure a application server there, they take care of that
    you can download a trial version of netbeans from sun site.for more info see this link

    and if you find this all as a problem,i wil suggest you to go online.some free hosting server provides you space where you can write your php programs, deploy them and test. is a free hosting server which provided php with mysql completely free.


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    Now-a-days the usage of PHP is growing rapidly as it is a open source. you can download PHP from the net free of cost and install it and can make use of it. Only PHP is not enough, you need a backend and mostly MySQL is used as it is also an open source.

    Instead of downloading each and every software individually and install them, there is and alternative. If you are using windows OS, you can download WAMP server(Windows, Apache, Mysql,PHP) free of cost and run all the PHP applications. It is highly recommended for novice users as there won't be any configuration issues. If you are using Linux OS, then go for LAMP sever, it also offers the same functionality but for linux platform.

    So, don't download each and every software individually instead use WAMP or LAMP.


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    php is a free ware, to run php program install php server like xampp server. and configure it.

    then open your browser and type localhost then it will forward on xampp server page then select your php file and call it.

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    Hi Friend,

    PHP is a scripting language that is used for both server side as well as client side scripting. There are various ways to run a PHP program the most suitable one is; just download the xampp from here Xampp download

    *Now extract the xampp zip file that crate a xampp folder.
    *Write a PHP program in notepad or any other editor and save it with .php extension inside the htdocs subfolder inside the Xampp folder.
    *open your browser
    *Type http://localhost/name of your php file
    I hope this will help you.

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    visit this link for more detail

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Save your pgm with .php extension.
    Then , you can do the following
    1)Using php as normal programming language.
    compile and run in command prompt
    php name.php
    2)Hosting in a Web server(using as scripting language)
    copy your php files to Webservers htdoc directory(may change depending server)
    Access through url

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    One of the best running platforms for php is the WampServer. That is,
    W- Windows
    A- Apache
    M- Mysql
    P- Php

    Wamp runs on Windows OS and you need not install the webserver and database softwares seperately to run a php script. Also there is no need to configure PHP for Apache in this software.
    WampServer can be downloaded from .

    You can select any of the web browsers as a default to run you PHP script. After installing the wampserver software, you will get a folder named wamp in your installed drive. Inside which you have a folder named "www" were you can store your php script.

    Start the Wampserver and run the php script in localhost in your browser.

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