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Mini Project in Digital electronics

Date: 25 Nov 2009   Group: Education    Category: India Educational Consultants   

I am student of B.Tech (E.I.) 2nd year. I have to make a mini project in Digital electronics so please suggest me.

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Author: Akash Shah    30 Nov 2009      Member Level: Silver     Points : 5  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

There are thousands of websites which gives various projects in electronics.
One of my favorite when I was doing my degree was a monthly magazine called electronics4u. Now the same Magazines is available online and it has lot of projects alongwith technical description and even PCB design.
Selecting a project is a difficult decision and I would like to give some guidelines for selecting it.

First thing to be decided is whether you want to go for a microprocessor/microcontroller based project or normal circuitry with timers, A/D and op-amps.
uP/uM based projects are really difficult and time consuming but the advantage is almost unlimited liberty in implementing logics. However you need to be really good in programming those devices.

If you have time and cost limitation, then go with simpler stuff using normal IC. Some of the most common things like doorbells, buzzers power supply can be implemented using IC 555 and similar device.
Checkout the link to get your mind moving


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