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    Career option after class 10

    my daughter is interested in science stream with bio but she is not willing to go in medical .which other career options are there with bio .please help.
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    Lot of people are intrested in Bilogy but would not like to have medicene as their career option. Some of the options are:
    1. Microbiology.
    2. Clinical Research
    4. Medical Electronics
    5. Biotechnolgy
    6. Medical Laboratory
    7. Pharmaceutical Laboratory.
    8. Genetics
    9. Marine Bilogy
    11.Environmental Effects
    12. Conservation Biologist
    13. Aquatic biologist
    14. Forensic Science

    These are some of the diffrent options. You could discuss with your daughter on broad intrest and then explore on the colleges and the type of degree courses available. If you need any further help in this regard please let me know. The courses available will depend on the preferrable choice of place for your daughter.

    Good Luck!!!
    Chitra Prakash

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    Gone are the days when people used to opt biology with the idea of becoming doctors.

    Lots of other options are there like she can opt for some professional biology course like:
    1) Clinical research, but for that atleast she should be a science graduate. With this degree she can go into either clinical labs or hospitals itself.

    2)Then there is also hospital management course. She can later try out in hospitals, where her growth would be good as she would be a bio-background student.

    3)She can also go for bioinformatics- there are many specialisations available in it now a days.

    4)She can also go for food technology- this will allow her to go as a dietician or nutrionist.

    But for all the good options she has to be atleast a science graduate with biology as one of the subjects.

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    Hi friends,
    Selection of career after 10th is the most important step towards one’s life.
    Olden days above average students used to select general biology as the option so that they have the option to become doctor or engineer. But days have changed and one has to think so many factors before selecting one’s career.
    • One’s aim in the life.
    • One’s efforts towards achieving aim.
    • One’s interest in the subjects and career.
    • Time which can be spent on particular course.
    • One’s financial condition.
    One should take all the above factors into consideration before selecting one’s career. If one makes mistake in selection then he will have to ruin throughout his life. There are so many education counselors to be contacted if one is unable to select his own career.
    Various career fields are:
    1. Medical
    2. Engineering
    3. IT
    4. Aviation
    5. Commerce
    6. Arts
    7. Nursing
    8. Agriculture
    9. Paramedical
    10. Journalism
    11. Biotechnology
    12. Defence
    13. Environmental Science
    14. Marine technology
    15. Aviation medicines
    16. And various management courses
    For selecting one of the above course basic qualifications is 10+2. One has to select one particular branch corresponding to particular course.

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