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    Difference between Role & Responsibility?

    What is difference between Role & Responsibility?
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    Role is the position and responsibility is the function assigned with the Role.


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    The term role is very generic, for example if you say i have been offered the role of Software Engineer, it means that you have to write code in any of the programming language. Role does not talk about much in detail.
    Whereas when you say responsibilities, as a software engineer your role has the reponsibilities such as coding, debugging the code, deploying, Unit testing, preparing Design document and many more which you have to follow.

    Hope you got the difference.

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    In simple words, responsibilities are the items or action which you have to perform and you are responsible for those actions. Whereas role is the part of the your actions to full fill those responsibilities means how you are going to complete your assigned responsibility.
    Basically Role means the part you are going to perform for your work and Responsibility is how accountable are you for the results produce by your role.

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    Role in simple words that what you do there ? for example:- The Teacher in school. Teacher role in school is to teach the students.The role of the teacher to teach.

    Responsibility in simple words that To what you do ? for example:- the teacher teaches eenglish, hindi, mathematics etc. means the subject which you teach is the responsibility.

    In this way we can differentiate Role and Responsibilty.

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    A role defines one's relationship with others in the larger scheme of things.
    A responsibility is something that one must or is expected to do.
    Real-world example:
    Role: Parent
    - Provide for basic needs of dependents
    - Give guidance to dependents
    - Be a role model
    Role: Child
    - Listen to and obey parent(s)
    - Follow parent's example
    - Help around the house

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    I think you have asked a good question. According to me, role is some duty you have to perform when you get some task or position and Responsibility is the accountability of a person who is awarded that particular role to complete.
    The difference in both the terms can be studied in detail when we join any organisation with some designation and we are asked to perform particular job for which we are taken as responsible.
    I think this is enough to make it clear, Isn't it?

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    See there are some basic differences between role and responsibility.

    Role - Role is something which is done by someone without any need, or with the need but it was not necessary for him, and not really conditional. He just did it on his own, and maybe there is no condition, that he had to do it. For example - during elections, if you find several people at a poll booth, coming from distant places, and that they are hungry and thirsty, you can provide them with food and/or with water. It will be good if you can do it and it won't be bad if you do not do it.

    Responsibility - Responsibility is different than role. It is a necessity, a duty which you should do and that maybe, there are special conditions on your work. It would be good if you do it and it would be bad if you do not do it. For example, let us say that you are a person conducting the polling at the poll booth. You are not able to operate the EVM properly and that it was your responsibility to operate it nicely and conduct the poll successfully.

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    Role is what you do
    responsiblity is what you are accoutable for.

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