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    Pizza in microwave oven .

    Can anyone explain me how to make pizza in microwave oven and ya it has convection and grill too but as i do not know what is the timing for which it must be kept in it so please help.
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    First you have to decide, whether you want to use ready made pizza base available in the market or want to prepare from scratch.Go through the manual given during the purchase of your microwave oven, and read the details.Most of the new models include pizza making instructions too.Time and method required to cook one varies from one machine to another.

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    you can make pizza easily using the OTG (Oven Toast Grill) model. Use the pizza base available in the market. just chop the vegetable u want to add inthat(onion, tomato, simalmirch, even cooked mushroom well chopped) add cheese too. bake it for 10 mins. in 150 deg.

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    Now a days there is no need to worry about how to make a pizza because there are lot of methods available to do it and these ready to use are common these days.

    If you want to make it from scratch then it is better to buy a bun specially made for pizza which is the base for the pizza. Add chopped vegetables as you require and with it add the masalas like corrionder powder, Pepper powder, chat masala and if it is a non veg then add chicken or mutton or any meet which is boiled and crush the flesh and spread it on the pizza and then add cheese over it and put in the Owen for about 10 to 15 minute.

    Your pizza is ready to serve. use the sause are required.

    Kiran Paul

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