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    How to improve my mathematical skills and logical thinking?

    ts to devolep Logical thinking we do all the math and science problems , Keep solving puzzles, elementary maths problems , and reasoning problem that way you can improve your ability to think.
    there is nothing like you dont have its a skill that can be devoleped
    There might be people for whom "logical" thought patterns don't come naturally, but I think they can learn those patterns. The problem is, that's the easy part, and it's not enough.

    The first real challenge is for them to recognize when they need to switch gears and employ those learned patterns instead of relying on their "native" (intuitive or emotional) response. This is difficult because of a chicken/egg paradox: The choice to use logic (when it doesn't come naturally) is itself a logical decision, and it's not even something that would occur to them. It's like relying on a computer to tell you when to turn the computer on. So they need to train themselves to use these skills even when it doesn't seem appropriate or necessary.

    But even if they learn logical thinking patterns and "force" themselves to use them, the biggest hurdle remains. Can they trust these conclusions when the results contradict their intuitive or emotional response? Here again, there is a paradox, because if logic is not their natural approach, then accepting logical conclusions requires a certain "faith." And where does that come from?
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    I thinkyou are probablely right.Logical thinking does not comes easily to all.It is by born quality.Every every body has logical thinking level same every body would become scientist.

    The proverbs"practise make men perfect"So for maths one have to pratice again and again.

    Your have said pattern but pattern can't be taught.It should be crated by own delligence and prudence.

    So,one should build their own logic.Pratical situation and problem will help them to create own logic.

    One should be tried their own ways of logic.

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    You have to take a two pronged approach

    1. Solving more and more problems to learn the problem solving methodology

    2. Solving new problems to develop analytical skills.

    Many people believe that mechanical problem solving is not the way to develop mathematical skills, but solving new problems is the right approach.

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    Hi dude,

    Try solving puzzles and stuff.

    A good source and start would be Shakuntala Devi's puzzle books.
    They are really awesome.

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